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Washington D.C. Pride and the National Equality & Pride March

This weekend Sergio and I visited our friends David and Mark (shown above). Once upon a time these two wonderful men lived in Boston but they moved away and now Washington D.C. is now their home. The opportunity to see our friends, experience D.C. Pride for the first time and participate in the National Equality & Pride March on Sunday, June 11th made for a fantastic weekend. I’m also happy to say we weren’t the only ones from Boston; nearly everywhere we went we saw guys from Boston participating in D.C. Pride and the march. Washington DC Pride, gay DCDavid and Mark were the consummate hosts. We were able to enjoy the D.C. Pride parade from 17th Street for an hour or so before going to their friend Rodrigo’s beautiful condo which had a very large roof deck affording great views of the parade and also happened to have a table full of cold adult beverages.

D.C. Pride was really excellent and was the perfect appetizer for the main course (so to speak), the National Equality & Pride March, the following day.  I might be biased, but I thought Sergio had the best t-shirt of the entire march. Below Sergio’s photo are two nice guys who also gave me a good laugh with their Absolutely Fabulous inspired t-shirts. Gay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchGay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchGay DC, National Equality & Pride MarchFollowing all our marching the group above which are all friends of David and Mark from D.C. and Charlotte did what all gay men do best on a Sunday afternoon – we went to brunch. Our trip was capped off with a very relaxing dinner at another friend’s home in a leafy neighborhood of D.C. All told the weekend was an amazing time and while I have no idea how many people marched on Sunday, it was a wonderful experience we will remember.

Happy Pride

Call me maybe?

call me maybe, trump asks world leaders to call him on his cell phoneWhat happens when President Trump tells Batman he can call him on his private cell phone? Hard to imagine this dumbass was upset about Hillary Clinton compromising security by using a private email server.

Schoolhouse Rock: I’m Just a Lie

OMG Jimmy Kimmel’s remake of School House Rock’s classic, “I’m Just A Bill” is hilarious and so spot on. Did you miss this? Check it out.

13 years ago marriage equality came to Mass.

Gay marriage, same-sex marriage13 years ago today, Massachusetts became the first state in the United States to perform and recognize same-sex marriage. Today, marriage equality is a reality throughout America from the most liberal to the most conservative of states. Think that a small liberal state in New England can’t still change the world for the better – think again.

“Civil marriage is at once a deeply personal commitment to another human being and a highly public celebration of the ideals of mutuality, companionship, intimacy, fidelity, and family…. The decision whether and whom to marry is among life’s momentous acts of self-definition.”
– Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, Excerpt from the Goodridge vs. Dept. of Public Health majority opinion mandating the state of Massachusetts legalize same sex marriage

Equality March for Unity and Pride is June 11

LGBTQ rights, Washington DCIn one month Sergio and I will be in Washington, D.C. to participate in The Equality March for Unity and Pride.

If you’d like to learn more about the rally and march on Sunday, June 11th in Washington, D.C.  reach out to the Facebook page, here.  However if you cannot make it to D.C. but want to lend your voice, many Pride celebrations around the United States are taking a decidedly political bent this year, giving you a chance to raise your voice and provide a counter point to what many (like yours truly) see as troubling policy and language coming from the White House.

If you will be in Washington, D.C. for the rally and march let me know.

Macron could give Trudeau a run for his money for world leader beefcake status

Emmanuel Macron, handsome french leader, handsome Macron Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may finally have some competition for world leader beefcake status if the French elect Emmanuel Macron to be their next President in a run off election scheduled for this Sunday. Macron is 39 and a  former investment banker who has never before stood for elected office but was able to get nearly 24% of the vote in a 5-way race in late April.

Just to add fodder to my “beefcake” comments, this week, Garcon, a bi-monthly magazine that caters to gay men, had a shirtless Macron on their cover with the provocative headline “Coming out: a necessary fight.”

Macron is the decidedly more LGBTQ friendly candidate in the two person race for President on Sunday so the headline and cover story no doubt alludes to his support for our community. It also may be a bit of a double entendre, considering previous rumors he is gay. However, this seems like wishful thinking on the part of French gay men who may find themselves attracted to more than just Macron’s political views, considering the fact he has been happily married to a woman for a decade.

Merci France

French, France

Salut Emmanuel Macron who secured 23% of the vote in the French national elections today – just barely beating Marine Le Pen. Onward and upward and best of luck to France and M. Macron in the May 7th runoff election.