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Merci France

French, France

Salut Emmanuel Macron who secured 23% of the vote in the French national elections today – just barely beating Marine Le Pen. Onward and upward and best of luck to France and M. Macron in the May 7th runoff election.

Two months into office and President Trump has done nothing but create and perpetuate scandals

donald-trumpSay what you will about President Obama, but the man loved his wife, always seemed to keep his cool and his administration rarely had anything remotely related to a scandal. Fast forward to today and approximately two months into a four year term and President Trump’s administration seems to be the antithesis.

Without even broaching scandals that predate his presidency (e.g. multiple bankruptcies, racial profiling and intimidation of tenants of color and Trump University – just to name a few), his office has been marked by so many scandals it sets my head spinning. However the truly unbelievable part of this story is every scandal is self-inflicted. I’ve tried to tally all the bizarre scandals over the past eight weeks. Due to the fact there have been so many, I may have missed a few but this is what I’ve come up with thus far.

kellyanne conway–  Following Trump’s inauguration, President Trump lies about the number of attendees and insists his were among the largest crowds to attend an inauguration despite photos showing that not to be the case.

– His conversations with foreign leaders have proven to be both embarrassing and compromise longstanding geopolitical policies. Such as his conversation with the President of Taiwan, when called into question our One China policy or a few weeks later when Trump verbalized a one state option for Israel or his terrible call to the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, in which by his own words he described as “the worst call so far.”donald-trum-voter-fraud– Based on some bizarre report from Breitbart News that President Trump heard, he insists that there was rampant voter fraud and 3-4 million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary to make him lose the popular vote.

– The botched night raid in Yemen that resulted in the death of civilians and Navy SEAL, Ray Owens, injuries to three other Navy SEALs and the Yemeni government banning the US from any future raids blitzing Al Qaeda bases.

donald-trump-business-ties-in-mid-east– A poorly written and executed Executive Order that restricted people from 7-Muslim majority nations from entering the U.S. was found unconstitutional. Although no terrorist attacks from nationals from those countries has ever happened in the US it is interesting to note they do represent nearly every country in the Middle East where Trump’s business doesn’t operate. The rewritten executive order has since been found unconstitutional by Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland.

– A revolving door of scandals tied to Trump cabinet members regarding possible improper communications with senior Russian officials continues to shine a light on a surprisingly cozy relationship between the US and Trump’s closest confidants. Thus far scandals have resulted in the forced resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn and the recusal of A.G. Sessions after it was found he may have lied to Congress during his hearings about his meeting the Russian ambassador.

– Perhaps the most bizarre of all was Trumps accusation that President Obama and the U.K. government of wiretapping him in outrageous Tweets, which was only made worse when his surrogates (namely Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway) doubled down before then suggesting this was all a misunderstanding or possibly even a joke.

– And as recently as this past weekend Trump’s cold body language with German Chancellor Angela Merkel surprised most when he gave her the cold shoulder and appeared to ignore her while they posed for the media after a private meeting, leaving the media to publish headlines like The Guardian’s “Merkel and Trump can’t hide fundamental differences in first visit”.

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I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted, disgusted and more than a little embarrassed. I’ve never thought to look to the leaders of other nations for stability, direction and leadership, but in the absence of meaningful leadership here in the U.S. I am starting to look to leaders in France, Germany and elsewhere to help fill the vacuum that resulted after President Obama left office.

Last Week Tonight media buy to explain healthcare to Trump

I love the HBO program, Last Week Tonight, with John Oliver. It is an intelligent and witty show that consistently makes me laugh and think. For those of you who may not have HBO, you can see clips of the show on YouTube, here.

This past week’s show focused on Trumpcare or maybe it should be called “I don’t care”, concluding with this advert. The commercial shown above will play Wednesday morning on FOX & Friends, since President Trump watches the program regularly. I doubt Trump has the attention span to watch commercials, but I still applaud everyone on the program for their media buy.

Grab Your Wallet

donald-trumpI was talking to my brother last week and we both agreed that one good thing that has resulted from a Trump presidency is a political activism that neither of us have seen or felt before. A great example of this is Grab Your Wallet, which got a nice shout out from last week’s Sunday New York Times.

Grab Your Wallet has organized like-minded individuals to reach out to specific contacts at key retailers where the Trump brand is sold. Last month Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus removed Ivanka Trump’s name from their websites and employees at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls were instructed not to display her products and remove signage with her name on it. Grab Your Wallet was not cited by these retailers by name when they indicated sales had dropped, but it is hard to imagine all those letters and calls didn’t rattle retailers.

boycott trump

Grab Your Wallet website now includes a list of places to consider boycotting as well as a short script if you want to voice your concerns. With as many as 32,000 people visiting the website an hour, Grab Your Wallet is one of many grassroots organizations affecting change and it has the attention of the White House as Kellyanne Conway proved when she tried to prop up Ivanka’s brand by illegally hawking Ivanka Trump’s products after it was dropped by Nordstrom.

Sample letter or call you can make from Grab Your Wallet
Hi I am a customer of [Insert Retailer’s Name]. Unfortunately, I can no longer do business with your company because it does business with the Trump family. If your company were to no longer do business with the Trump family I would enthusiastically return as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to management.

If you’d like to see what organizations are recommended to boycott and get personal email addresses or phone numbers of key contacts at those organizations to let your voice be heard, visit: grabyourwallet.org

If you’d like to read the full article, which inspired me to write this post visit, The Anti-Trump Activist Taking on Trump

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UPDATE: I would encourage everyone to reach out to retailers, because they are taking note (see my correspondence with LL Bean below). I’m convinced that Donald Trump cares more about his brand than anything else. Boycotting those who do business with the Trump family sends a very direct and personal message to the president.

grab your wallet, boycott Trump

P.S.A. on access to bathrooms for trans people

LGBTQ, Trans Community, gay BostonTake a moment to watch this P.S.A. regarding laws in some states that look to restrict bathroom access to the Trans population.

The video opens with this very valid point, “Every year, some fool tries to trick people into thinking this is an issue,” activists said in the video. “And somehow thinks the way to protect privacy and bathrooms is by policing them? The biggest irony is that their solution will create the very thing they’re trying to stop.”

However my favorite point shared is “more U.S. Senators have been arrested for public misconduct in bathrooms than trans people.”

Rally to stand with trans students in Boston Thursday, Feb 23rd

LGBTQ, Trans Community, gay BostonThe Trump administration has announced a new attack on transgender students, indicating they will stop enforcing Title IX education protections, and they will rescind the guidance released by the Obama administration last May.

What: Rally to stand with trans students
When: Thursday, February 23 || 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Where: Post Office Square || 43 Pearl Street, Boston

Join the Mass Trans Political Coalition (MTPC), and their coalition partners in standing with trans students in solidarity against the White House. The rally will take place outside the Federal Department of Education offices in Boston. For more information check out the Facebook page, Rally: Stand with trans students.

Bad behavior

My friend Robert writes the blog Etiquetteer, and although I know he is no supporter of Donald Trump and his administration, I sorely wish he would be hired by them to offer some basic lessons in civility and manners.

Last week President Trump made disparaging remarks about Federal Justices who ruled against his temporary immigration ban and proceeded to attack them via social media, knowing that by law judges cannot respond. These actions are now becoming business as usual, and it makes me wonder how long it will take before this becomes how everyone in Washington, D.C. deals with each other. Common decency is no longer all that common, but we seem to have entered a new phase in American politics where the rude are championed – even admired – as long as you agree with their politics.

I do realize that some of my blog posts are guilty of the same rude behavior I’m decrying, but it is extremely disheartening to think that this is being encouraged by our President. I naively thought once sworn into office that President Trump might actually start to act presidential, but that hasn’t been the case. Quite the opposite seems to have happened in my opinion. It seems as if rude behavior is rewarded and this makes me wonder how this will influence society?  To quote the snooty maitre d’ from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “I weep for the future.”