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Most frequently googled Valentine’s day gifts by state

Earlier today I saw this image posted on Twitter by @OnlyInBoston. Who can say how this data gets compiled but I do find it mildly entertaining. Apparently “Couples Cooking Classes” is the most frequently googled gift idea here. What is the most frequently googled Valentine’s Day-related gift idea in your state?

Board game speed dating for gay men

I have no idea if this is a first time event or simply the first time I’ve heard about this but for anyone in the dating pool this might be an event worth checking out. The evening combines board games and dating — sounds fun as long as you’re not stuck playing Sorry.

Gay Men Board Game Speed Dating
Friendly Toast – Kendall Sq
Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Click here for more information

Tickets are required to partake so if you think you’d like to check out Gay Men Board Game Speed Dating be sure to get a ticket.

Flowers from Sergio

relationship, winston flowersNext week will mark a milestone anniversary with Sergio. Unfortunately we will not be together, but yesterday Sergio surprised me by sending flowers to mark the week we actually met at the former gay bar ManRay / Campus in Cambridge.

Shortly after our first date, I surprised Sergio, sending yellow long stem roses to his place of work. Yesterday, he returned the surprise, sending this massive arrangement.  I have to give him credit; twenty years in and he can still surprise and make me feel very special. I hope everyone can have a few special, surprise moments like this in 2019.

Thank you Sergio for the past twenty years. I look forward to another twenty.

Well being thought to be tied to our friendships

friends, friendshipEarlier this month The New York Times had an interesting article called “The Power of Positive People“, which suggested that our focus on physical health (e.g. diet and exercise) — while important — is only part of the equation for our well-being. The article said that researchers have found that happiness and other emotions spread between people in direct contact and can influence things like obesity, anxiety and overall happiness.

Are your friendships giving you a boost or bringing you down?

While I don’t find the hypothesis surprising, I think it is an important reminder of how important it is to have good friends. We’ve all faced adversity and felt down – it is part of life. Having friends who you can surround yourself with who will help you find the silver linings, be there to cheer you on or give you that added bit of courage really can make a difference. Do you know someone who is struggling at the moment? Give them a call and make plans to meet up. A fun evening together might be the best medicine.

The NYT article was in part based on the research published a few years ago, here: Detecting Emotional Contagion in Massive Social Networks.

Weekend jitters

humorI saw this photo on Twitter and couldn’t help but laugh. I’m dedicating this post to everyone who makes an effort to go out this weekend and meet someone organically; without the aid of a ‘dating app’ or some prior screening.

Go out with a couple of friends, grab a few drinks then head out to the dance floor and smile at everyone you meet.

14 Years ago today Massachusetts made history (again)

Gay marriage, same-sex marriage14 Years ago today Massachusetts became the first state in the United States to legalize same sex marriage. Conservatives said Mass. was making a mockery of marriage, yet this state still has the lowest divorce rate in the country.

Check out Tony’s Gaysian Dating blog

gay dating, gay asian datingThis past weekend I met a nice guy named Tony who lives in Boston. After being introduced by a mutual friend, we learned that we both have a blog. His blog chronicles his dating life and is called gaysiandating.

Recent posts from Tony include a fun night out at a gay bar in Iceland with a few straight guys; a sexually frustrating meeting this summer in Provincetown that may or may not (I wasn’t quite sure) turn into a friendship; and a Tinder date that really clicked until it didn’t. Sound interesting? Check out Tony’s blog and leave him a comment or two (us bloggers love that sort of thing).

I’ve added the link above to my blogroll so you can easily find it in the future.