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Why does it get harder to date a contemporary as we get older

gay-men-datingDavid Artavia penned a blog post on a few months ago asking Is it Hard for Older Gay Guys to Date Men Their Own Age?”

I generally shy away from topics like this on my blog because I realize that I have no current experience on this subject and if it weren’t for the stories of my single gay friends I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how difficult it is to meet and date a peer when you are no longer in your 20s.

Artavia in part blames that difficulty on the fact that for many older gay men we become obsessed (his word not mine) with youth and beauty, which might blind them from dating contemporaries who they have more in common. While I think that could be true for some, I also think that there are two important other reasons it gets increasingly difficult.

First, most everyone is single in their 20s so you have a much larger dating pool of contemporaries to meet and date. That changes over time with more friends pairing up, leaving a gap that can only be filled by dating people outside your age; with there always being more, younger single men than older (or so it seems). Second, as we get older we become more settled and making space for an equal who also has their own routines, relationships and responsibilities can be a tricky thing to make work.  Either way dating can be tough for the relationship-minded and I’m curious to get your thoughts so please share.


humor, funnyI know I’ve posted this before but I thought it worthy of a re-post.

Amex #ExpressLove campaign comes to Ptown

Amex, American ExpressAs part of the recently launched #ExpressLove campaign, American Express is headed to Provincetown to continue the Pride celebrations and bring together the people of Ptown. The #ExpressLove campaign aims to inspire people to share the ways they express their love for each other – in big ways and small.

When: Wednesday, August 17
Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Where: Spindler’s 386 Commercial Street

If you like piña coladas

gay couple, gay romanceIt was the first thing that came to mind when I stumbled upon this romantic photo. If you don’t get the reference, then I suppose it might not make as much sense but it remains a beautiful photograph.

Here’s to hoping that you end your day with an unexpected embrace and kiss.

Love at first sight

Love at first sightA few years ago I posted this Youtube video entitled, Love At First Sight.  I forgot about it until my brother asked for it again. The nearly three minute voice message left by an intoxicated and overly excited woman convinced she has just met her soulmate is filled with cringe-worthy comments like:

“Call me, email me, IM me, fax me, page me…”
“And we both have the same interest in yo-yo’s.”
“I know you said you had to leave urgently. I hope that everything’s okay.”

Boston’s Love Locks



Back in 2013, in honor of the death of DOMA, three small heart shaped locks were shackled to the ugly chain link fence over the Massachusetts Turnpike on Massachusetts Avenue in the Back Bay.

Since the summer of 2013, many more locks have been added and now the chain link fence is covered by several hundred padlocks; each presumably to symbolize and commemorate relationships here in Boston. Some of the locks have names, dates, or quotes written on them, which you can read if you look closely.  Boston Love Locks


Making the case for Valentine's DayI have a number of friends who are very happy that they are single. I also know a few (not many) people who I suspect might be happier if they were single. This post isn’t for either of you, although I do believe you deserve to be loved too.

This post is for a third group of friends who are single and looking to meet someone they can share their life with through the good and bad. Valentine’s Day can be frustrating for this group, reminding them of their most recent awkward date or maybe lack of dates. I hope you find someone who you fall madly in love with and in the interim you find comfort knowing your friends and family love you and think you’re fabulous – regardless of your dating status.