Flowers from Sergio

relationship, winston flowersNext week will mark a milestone anniversary with Sergio. Unfortunately we will not be together, but yesterday Sergio surprised me by sending flowers to mark the week we actually met at the former gay bar ManRay / Campus in Cambridge.

Shortly after our first date, I surprised Sergio, sending yellow long stem roses to his place of work. Yesterday, he returned the surprise, sending this massive arrangement.  I have to give him credit; twenty years in and he can still surprise and make me feel very special. I hope everyone can have a few special, surprise moments like this in 2019.

Thank you Sergio for the past twenty years. I look forward to another twenty.

8 responses to “Flowers from Sergio

  1. happy anniversary!


  2. Let me tell you, it gets even better. 45 years here and still going! Congratulations!


  3. My Spouse loves yellow roses too. Happy 20th anniversary!


  4. itsmyhusbandandme

    Glad to see the romance is still alive. Congratulations.
    JP x


  5. Very nice, the flowers and Sergio.


  6. happy anniversary; the roses are lovely!


  7. Kevin J Matthews

    HAPPY 20th Anniversary, Boys!!


  8. Congrats. Cheers to 20 more.



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