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Gay Parents to Be

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Photo from Gays_With_Kids IG

Gay Parents to Be is coming to Boston on July 18th for a LGBTQ family building event for soon to be gay Dads.

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation 
200 High St, 6th floor, Boston
Thursday, July 18th | 6:30 – 9:00pm

The 2.5 hour free program on Thursday will help people learn about the surrogacy process and how Gay Parents to Be can support you throughout the process. The assembled panel of experts will discuss:

  • Where to begin choosing your fertility clinic, egg donor, and surrogate
  • How to navigate financial & legal aspects
  • Where to get support along the way

For more information and to register for free, click here.

Happy Father’s Day

father, dadI wanted to take a moment to say Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, my brother, Tim, and my two brother-in-laws, Travis and Brett as well as all the other fathers out there. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

Be sure to give your Dad a call today and let him know how much you love him.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's DayI wanted to take a moment to say Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, my two sisters Elizabeth and Susan, my sister-in-law Ashley, my mother-in-law, Terezinha and all the other wonderful women who have taken on the toughest job I can think of, motherhood. It doesn’t seem right that you only get one day out of the year to be recognized for all you do for your children.

If you live away from home, today might be a good day to call your Mom and let her know how much you love her.

Happy birthday Sergio

Unfortunately Sergio and I cannot be together today to celebrate his birthday. According to Google we are about 6,500 miles apart.  To make sure he knows I’m thinking of him, I’ve decided to use my blog to wish him a very happy birthday. I look forward to another year of adventure and fun-filled moments and look forward to seeing him later this week when we are both back home.

Flowers from Sergio

relationship, winston flowersNext week will mark a milestone anniversary with Sergio. Unfortunately we will not be together, but yesterday Sergio surprised me by sending flowers to mark the week we actually met at the former gay bar ManRay / Campus in Cambridge.

Shortly after our first date, I surprised Sergio, sending yellow long stem roses to his place of work. Yesterday, he returned the surprise, sending this massive arrangement.  I have to give him credit; twenty years in and he can still surprise and make me feel very special. I hope everyone can have a few special, surprise moments like this in 2019.

Thank you Sergio for the past twenty years. I look forward to another twenty.

Hanging with Seth Meyers

family, mom, dadMy parents spent most of their lives either working or taking care of their four children. Since retirement that has all changed. In some ways their lives more closely mirror the life Sergio and I lead – meeting up and going out or planning fun trips with friends regularly.

Seth Meyers and his younger (and every bit as funny) brother Josh Meyers grew up in our small town. Together they logged more than a few hours in the backseat of my Mom’s station wagon being brought back from school or team practices so when my parents planned a quick trip to NYC last week with two other couples, they stopped in to check out Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Two things strike me about this photo – first, my mother who is 5’7″ looks tiny and second, my parents are way cooler.

Family values

Detention center in McAllen, Texas. Photo: Center for Border Protection

Since the 1980s, the Republican Party has often referred to themselves as the party of “family values”, but over the past several years and more recently under the Trump Administration this has turned into a bad joke. Aside from the daily drama of his war of words with [Insert Person of the Day] or weekly scandals, the news over Father’s Day weekend, showing US agents forcibly separating small children from their parents was enough to make me ill.

I know that there are many people who disagreed with President Obama and disliked his politics and perhaps they felt then as I do now – embarrassed, ashamed and alarmed. I think the thing that bothers me the most about this policy isn’t that our xenophobic / race-baiting President implemented this policy (it isn’t that surprising when you look back at his rhetoric), but what really upsets me is watching nearly the entire Republican Party ferociously defend the policy; some quoting excerpts from the Bible as justification.