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Happy Thanksgiving


Today is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, but Sergio and I are in Brazil visiting his family. We will actually celebrate the holiday tomorrow when his family can come together since today is not a holiday in Brazil. His Mom’s thoughtful gesture, cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for Sergio and me, strikes me as a lovely example of living the ideals of what the holiday represents.

Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday on Lake Winnipesaukee

Sergio Kayaking on Lake Winnipesaukee

Sergio Kayaking on Lake Winnipesaukee

It is Saturday and Sergio and I are up on Lake Winnipesaukee near Wolfboro’s bustling center, spending time with the family. We arrived on Friday after spending Thursday evening in Portsmouth, NH (more on that later). Even during the busy vacation season life here moves at a much slower pace. We spend our days down at the cove or out on a kayak and at night we go out for walks (you can actually see the stars here) and overeat while watching TV.

Not much to share other than the fact that we are having a nice time and I hope you are enjoying your weekend no matter how or where you are spending it.

Happy father’s day

DadI wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my father (shown above) on this special day and say a word of thanks to my brother, Timothy, and brother-in-law, Travis, for being such amazing fathers to their children.  My brother-in-law, Brett, will soon experience fatherhood as well and will be a great dad too.

This post is really dedicated to all the fathers who understand how much their children need them in their lives and for the sacrifices they make to ensure their children always feel loved and supported. It is a job with few holidays and that requires an infinite amount of patience and understanding.

Happy 40th little brother

Tim, FamilyCan’t believe I have a little brother who is turning 40 years old today. Happy birthday; don’t worry you don’t look a day over 40.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mom and DadI wanted to take a moment to say Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, my sister Elizabeth, my sister Susan who is pregnant with her first child, my sister-in-law Ashley and to all the other wonderful women I know who have taken on the toughest job I can think of, motherhood.

It doesn’t seem right that you only get one day out of the year to be recognized for all you do for your children.

It is the thought that counts

Donald Trump toilet paperMy brother hit it out of the park this weekend when he sent me “Donald Trump’s Words of Wisdom” printed on cheap toilet paper (and made in China to boot) as a birthday gift. The gift makes me laugh each time I think about it; proving that it isn’t what you buy but the thought that really matters. Well done little brother.

Happy birthday Mom

Mom and Dad looking cool at Aquitaine Boston this winter

Mom and Dad looking cool at Aquitaine Boston this winter

While I won’t divulge the age, my mother is having another birthday. Unfortunately, she is out in California and I won’t see her for a few weeks because of dueling calendars but she is very much top of mind and I wanted to take a moment to express how much I love her and how wonderful she is and of course to wish her a very happy birthday.

Come home

My friend and fellow Boston blogger, David from WGB, posted this video last month.  I thought I’d share the video on my blog today since many of us are prone to making New Year’s resolutions.

Happy birthday Dad

Mom and Dad 12.15

Lunch with Mom & Dad at Aquitaine Boston – Dec. 2015

A little known fact is that one of the most amazing men of our time happens to be celebrating his birthday today. Happy birthday Dad.  Enjoy your last year as a 60-something and make the most of it. Wishing you much love and health in the years ahead.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2014, Lake House

Thanksgiving 2014 on Lake Winnipesaukee

Sergio and I have returned to spend Thanksgiving Day at my parent’s house on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Fortunately, the weather is more mild than last year when we visited.  While I’m very happy to share that the forecast is mostly sunny with temperatures in the low to mid 50s, last year’s surprise snowstorm in northern New England was unbelievably picturesque so I thought I’d share one of the photos Sergio snapped of me walking back to the house with his phone.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to wish any who may stop by to read my blog today a very happy Thanksgiving.

Congratulations Susan and Brett

married, marriage, wedding, familyMy youngest sister, Susan, is getting married later today.  I’ll be out of town through Saturday celebrating with family and friends and wanted to say congratulations to both Susan and Brett. I wish them a happy life together and wanted to welcome Brett to my crazy family.

Five Questions for Sergio Mazon

Sergio Mazon 5 Questions New England Home MagazineMy other half recently appeared in a recent issue of New England Home magazine where they asked him five questions about lighting and lighting design ranging from tips for homeowners to some of his favorite public lighting displays in Boston.  If you’ve not seen the article, check out Sergio in New England Home magazine:  Five Questions.

Happy birthday Mom

Wilson MomA very important person in my life is celebrating her birthday today.

Returning to the United States

travelIn a few hours Sergio and I board a plane to fly back to the United States.  I will miss my time in Brazil.  This year’s trip started on a sad note with the passing of Sergio’s father, but the death was also a huge release and relief of pent up stress, grief and many other feelings.  Despite the ominous conditions facing the family, the holiday was surprisingly cheerful and healing for Sergio, his Mom and the family at large.  The final few days spent alone together in Sao Paulo have been incredibly relaxing.  While I’m not looking forward to being crammed into the tiny United Airlines seats or the cold weather that awaits us, I am looking forward to returning home and feel refreshed.

Happy birthday Dad

DadToday is my father’s birthday, but I’m not there with him.  I am down in Brazil with Sergio who’s family is going through a particularly difficult time so I wanted to wish him all the best and let him know I’m thinking of him.

My relationship with my parents has only deepened and grown stronger over the years, despite the fact that I couldn’t live a more different life than they know (gay, urban and childless) but the bond and understanding has never wavered or been stronger.  My parents and my father in particular are living heroes who I strive to emulate.  This is Dad on his boat on Lake Winnipesaukee in 2013.