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Brief But Spectacular take on making conversation

Fred Dust’s Brief But Spectacular take on making conversation

I’m a big fan of PBS NewsHour. The news program doesn’t use a slate of “experts” who postulate endlessly back and forth nor does it conflate opinion with news. The broadcast which airs Monday – Friday at 6PM ET also covers a wide range of news (including events happening outside the United States – imagine that).

However, what I like the most about PBS NewsHour are their series and special reports like last week’s “Brief But Spectacular take on making conversation”. Listen to Fred Dust’s 3-minute video if you have a moment.

How do you like my duck

Spending the weekend with friends in up state.

Below the belt

Apparently perusing the random posts of friends on Facebook can be fun if your friends have the same twisted sense of humor. This advertisement is both funny and depressing, but perhaps the best part / most horrifying part is the product’s actual website. Be sure to read the “How to” instructions page and the happy customer testimonials.

The website is full of humorous / horrifying bits such as this helpful tip…
Of the women surveyed, 65% said that grey pubic hair turned them off completely.

Anyone being forced to participate in an holiday gift swap? I’d suggest adding this for your next Yankee Swap.