Ways to meet guys that don’t involve Grindr or gay bars

Since my post from earlier this week, Middle aged men are more susceptible to feeling lonely,proved to be so popular, I thought I would also give a shout out to an article I read from Gareth Johnson earlier this week,  7 ways to meet guys  that don’t involve Grindr or gay barsIn the article he offers up these seven suggestions to which I’ve offered my own commentary.

1. Talk to Strangers: I would particularly like to see guys from Boston take some cues from Gareth who opens the article suggesting we get comfortable with talking to strangers. Perhaps his point resonates with me so strongly because that is exactly how Sergio and I met. There happened to be lots of alcohol and some vintage Whitney blaring on a dance floor in Cambridge as well but we were both strangers and one of us (that would be me) stepped up and said hello.

2. Out at Work: His suggestions continue with being true to yourself at work by not being closeted. It still amazes me how many people I meet who feel that either they cannot or will not talk about their personal life at work out of fear of retaliation or not being promoted. But since many of us spend so much of our life at work it only makes sense to be open to sharing aspects of your personal life there.

3. & 4. Play Sport & Volunteer: Suggestions 3 & 4 respectively are to join a sports club / team or volunteer. Fortunately Boston offers great opportunities to do both. This past fall I shared about 20 different gay sports leagues you can join here and I regularly write about volunteering opportunities through Gay for Good Boston.

5. Go to the Gym: I jokingly refer to the gym as the gay man’s temple, but it’s a public space where you will meet and get to know people if you go regularly.

6. & 7. Network & Take Risks: I think of as putting yourself out there.

All of this is easier said than done, and I recognize doing this won’t guarantee you’ll connect and make friends or meet someone special but it is a start.

4 responses to “Ways to meet guys that don’t involve Grindr or gay bars

  1. Im so lonley and I dont rhink I will ever find a nice Gay man friend. It hurts!


  2. South Boston 02127 is my new home,but I’m mid-aged+gay and a very nice man ,but also {VERRY-LONLEY},and scarsed,because I have no-one left that………………………………………………………………………………….joe…


  3. Great advice! As a young gay man in Boston, I’ve always been curious about where to meet guys around the city.



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