Caption this photo

Initially I thought this clip was hilarious but then I started thinking, I wonder what readers of BosGuy might have to say, and I decided it would make for a great caption this photo (or in this case, clip) post. Would love to read some witty captions.

6 responses to “Caption this photo

  1. It’s such a nice and pleasant ass that you want to take a sensual nap…
    Instead of publishing photos I find it much more interesting that whoever runs this blog send us to our homes the protagonists of the photos for use and enjoyment for 24 hours. I am sure that the interest in the blog will grow immediately…


  2. He’s (black trunks) either searching for “diamonds in the rough”, or closely inspecting the “family jewels”. Oh my!!!


  3. “Best blow-up doll I’ve ever had!”


  4. Yes, aromatherapy works to clear the mind!


  5. I sniffed yours, now you sniff mine!


  6. Dinner is served!!



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