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Versace Dylan Blue campaign by Bruce Weber

Versace by Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber has created a sexually charged video for Versace’s Dylan Blue Pour Homme like only he can. The campaign, stars Gigi Hadid and Trevor Signorino. Gigi is joined by six male models wrestling, fight club style, as well as a same sex kiss or two, using the ‘mean streets’ of NYC as a backdrop.

Dylan Blue, Versace by Bruce Weber

Weber also shows off Trevor (shown above) selling ice cream on the beach of the Jersey Shore. Watching the film I could hear Cazwell’s club hit Meet Me At The Ice Cream Truck.  Like what you see? Look for more to come because word is that Bruce Weber has also shot the Autumn Winter campaign for Dylan Blue.

Meanwhile at M Street Beach this week

gays in southie, Kiki BeachLoving this Instagram clip from M Street Beach this past weekend. I couldn’t seem to post the video successfully so you can link here to see it.

In case you missed it, each Saturday a lot of guys are spending their Saturdays near the midpoint of M Street Beach. Between the throngs of bros and the women they are vainly trying to impress is a sea of gays that is most easily found by following the disco music.

Sound like fun? Read more about Saturdays at M Street Beach, Boston.

HBO’s Looking finale is Saturday, July 23rd

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Looking: The Movie (2016)

Last month I wrote about HBO’s finale to the short lived gay drama, Looking. Tomorrow, Saturday, July 23rd the movie will premiere and for those of you who were a fan of the series (like yours truly), I wanted to remind you to set your DVRs to record.  I’m curious to see how HBO ties up the loose ends and what happens with the characters.

What we know based on what HBO has shared to date in their movie trailer is that Patrick returns to San Francisco to attend a friend’s wedding after having moved away. When he sees his former boyfriends old feelings emerge and the closure he thought he had now doesn’t seem so clear. For those unfamiliar with the series that lasted for two seasons, below is one of the teasers HBO shared to promote the first season (BTW both seasons are on demand if you have HBO).

The RNC is like Christmas in July

The RNC is like christmas in july Stephen ColbertEarlier this week Stephen Colbert opened his show with this Broadway-inspired number, “The Republican National Convention is Like Christmas in July.”

It injects a lot of humor in a little more than 3 minutes and sums up how I feel so I thought I’d share it with you in case you missed it.

Saturdays at M Street Beach: Kiki Beach Boston

Kiki Beach on M Street BostonEvery Saturday the M Street Beach has attracted scores of gay men. This past Saturday with temperatures in the 90s, Sergio and I headed down to M Street Beach to join the fun. By 12:30 we counted about a dozen groups ranging in size from couples to much larger groups of men slowly overtaking part of the beach.

Southie has no shortage of package stores you can either stop at on your way to the beach or walk to should you run out of any essentials and most guys were quite friendly sharing what they had with anyone around. All that is missing to make this easier to spot is a gay pride flag, but if you look around carefully and listen for the club music it will only take you a few minutes to spot this group, which usually set up near the bus stop about midway down M Street Beach.

#KikiBeach in full swing at M Street Beach

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For more details like the Kiki Beach Boston Facebook page.

Chardonnay Go

Pokemon, Pokemon GoIf you are 30 or younger, chances are you and all of your friends have downloaded the popular game, “Pokemon Go”. According to papers that are covering the craze, it now has more downloads than the popular dating site Tinder, has surpassed Twitter in daily active users on Android devices and ranks above Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram in the Google Play store.

As a 40-something, I have no fond memories of Pokemon nor am I much of a gamer so I’ve not felt the pull of the craze gripping the nation. That is until I heard about this brilliant spoof video of Pokemon Go called Chardonnay Go, created by (and apparently for) white suburban housewives.  Too funny.

When you realize tomorrow is Monday