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Britney Spears: Slumber Party (parody)

derrick barry, britney spears, christmasDerrick Barry released a new video on YouTube, Slumber Party (Parody) “Christmas Party”, which you should definitely watch. Its filled with some fun dancing, plenty of eye candy and is worth sharing.

Much thanks to Matt over at boyculture blog for bringing this to my attention.

Manchester By The Sea starring Casey Affleck opens later this month

Casey Affleck, Kenneth LonerganLater this month be on the look out for Casey Affleck’s new film  from director Kenneth Lonegran, “Manchester By the Sea”. The movie was one of the biggest breakouts from the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It is expected to score big during the Christmas holidays and just in time for the awards season.

“Manchester By the Sea” is a heartbreaking story about when Lee (Casey Affleck) is made legal guardian of his nephew Patrick (Lucas Hedges) after his father Joe (Kyle Chandler) suddenly dies. Set in a Massachusetts’ seaside North Shore town, Lee has to face his community and ex-wife Randi (Michelle Williams). Critics hailed performances from its stars, Affleck and Williams, and both have decent shots at earning an Oscar nomination.

Taste-Vin in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

dining, restaurant review, brazil diningEach year Sergio and I travel to Belo Horizonte (B.H.), Brazil. Despite the fact that you may never have heard of his hometown, it has roughly the same population of Chicago – America’s third largest city.

We take advantage of the great dining when we visit B.H. and this year we visited a restaurant in the Lourdes neighborhood that has been operating since 1988 called Taste-Vin. The quaint French restaurant has a cozy feeling. The decor includes friendly messages like a “Recipe for Happiness”, walls lined with wine bottles and small dining rooms that are sectioned off by a central bar that serves to divide the space but still let patrons look from one dining room to another.

Chef Rodrigo Fonseca

Chef Rodrigo Fonseca who also owns Taste-Vin came out to greet us and share his personal recommendations

The menu at Taste-Vin is surprisingly large with Entrées, Soufflés (perhaps what they are best known for serving), Seafood, Duck and Rabbit, Meat and of course Desserts. Because we got a late start to our dinner (10:30PM on a Monday) we decided to skip ordering an entree and doubled down by ordering one of the twelve soufflés to share and the filet mignon. Before we talk about the food we ordered think about the fragrances that filled these rooms as countless soufflés are being served at nearly every table; like the one shown below.

Spinach Souffle

Taste-Vin Spinach Souffle – $18

The filet mignon, served as two 5 oz medallions, is ideal for sharing so we asked to have each medallion served on separate plates. Below is a photo of my plate as it was served – cooked medium rare as requested. The combination of the wine, filet (with a bouquet of eight herbs served to the side) and soufflé was so aromatic that I was salivating like Pavlov’s dogs after hearing the chime of a bell.


Shown above is one of the two 5 oz grilled filet mignon medallions is $22

The soufflé was so light and full of flavor. I immediately understood why every table had ordered one to share. The Gruyere soufflé we had ordered also had the added benefit of absorbing some of the au poivre vert sauce.

Upon arriving at the table the waitstaff plated the soufflé, adding some additional drama to what normally concludes with plates being served. taste-vin-belo-horizonte-gruyere-souffle-and-filetpng

Although I mentioned that we skipped an entrée because of the late start to our dinner, neither of us were in a rush to leave what turned out to be an excellent meal so with very little urging from Sergio we also ordered the Moelleux Au Chocolat which is best described by sharing this 5 second video. 

Should you ever get to Belo Horizonte, you may want to give this restaurant a try. Taste-Vin ranks as the second most popular restaurant out of a possible 8,310 places to try listed on Trip Advisor.

Taste-Vin Restaurant – Belo Horizonte

The Fitness Marshall

dance exerciseAre you familiar with The Fitness Marshall on YouTube? With more than 670,000 subscribers this guy is no joke and his videos which are entertaining to watch are also an incredible dance workout if you have the patience and coordination to learn the steps.

Check out this video from March this year, which has 6.9 million views.

You can watch more videos from The Fitness Marshall here.

P.E.M. exhibit is for shoe lovers

Peabody Essex Museum

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain
On view November 19, 2016 to March 12, 2017

The Peabody Essex Museum (P.E.M.) in Salem has an exhibit for all you fashionistas and shoe fanatics with their latest exhibit, Shoes: Pleasure and Pain.

According to the exhibit’s webpage, you can “explore the creativity of footwear from around the globe through more than 300 pairs of shoes, ranging from elaborate vintage designs to those by contemporary makers.”

The exhibit cannot but help remind me of this YouTube classic. 

Seven reasons to move to Mass instead of Canada

Massachusetts legalize MarijuanaDid you hear? Americans crashed Canada’s Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship website Tuesday night as it became apparent that Donald Trump would become our nation’s next President. In response, The Boston Globe created an entertaining video citing seven reasons you should consider a move to Massachusetts instead.

I’ve done a copy and paste below but you can watch the video here.

1. If Obamacare is repealed, Massachusetts will still have universal health care. It’s been state law since 2006 and is what the Affordable Care Act was modeled on. It’s very popular, and it’s not going anywhere.

2. Ditto for marriage equality. Massachusetts’ highest court legalized same-sex marriage in 2004. So even if a conservative Supreme Court overturned itself on the issue, it would still be legal here.

3. Mass just legalized recreational marijuana on Tuesday.

4. Apparently, Massachusetts and Hawaii are the only states in the country in which every county voted for Hillary Clinton.

5. Aside from Mass. very popular (and moderate) governor, all statewide offices are held by Democrats, who also control both the state House and Senate.

6. If you REALLY need some poutine, Montreal is only a 6-hour drive from Boston.

7. Best of all, there is no convoluted immigration process with high hurdles to clear. Just aim toward New England and stop when every other store is a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Bodybuilders try ballet for the first time

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