Trophy Boy: a short film

gay film, independent film

Have you heard about this gay short film (13-minutes) that centers on James (played by Emrhys Cooper)? It is definitely entertaining to watch. I’ve included a brief write up about the short film below along with a link to its Vimeo page and password. If you watch the film, let me know what you think.

About Trophy Boy: The film centers on James, a sexy, youthful sought-after Instagram star in high-society, and self-proclaimed “trophy” who gets dumped by his wealthy live-in benefactor just before turning 30. James quickly learns that the real world cares little for his Instagram “celebrity” as the world he’s so carefully cultivated online crashes head on with reality.

Watch Trophy Boy Here
Password: trophyboy

2 responses to “Trophy Boy: a short film

  1. No. I’m tired of LGBT characters being portrayed as beauty/sex/drug obsessed. The lead character was utterly unlikable, he had zero redeeming qualities and I didn’t care one bit what happened to him. The acting was… fine? Nothing to write home about.


  2. The theme of the movie was good. No question there are many people like that out there. The acting was very good. The actor portraying Andy did a fine job. The writing was good, as well, and we get to see just how pathetic James really is. I think that, in one way, we, the audience, are left with figuring out what will end up happening to James. It could have taken the story a little further, but then, again, I’m not sure where it could have gone from there. I did like it, but I felt that it left me hanging a little at the end. I know that’s what it was meant to do, but I just felt that the ending was abrupt.



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