Je me souviens

One year ago this week I was in Paris with Sergio celebrating my 40th birthday. So I thought I would post a handful of photographs from the trip. I know that many people think the French and Parisians in particular are rude, but that has never been my experience. I love the food, the architecture, the downtown neighborhoods (and yes – the people too).

We had a wonderful time and splurged mightily staying at a beautiful hotel and enjoying all Paris had to offer. Some of the highlights included drinking champagne at a little bar in the Marais and people watching, having dinner near the opera house with Alicia, the views from atop the Eiffel Tower, and dinner at the oldest run brasserie in the city of Paris located in another favorite neighborhood, the Bastille.

9 responses to “Je me souviens

  1. Amazingly, I spent more time in Paris when I lived in San Francisco than I do now that I live in France. And I'm a 3 hour drive from the city. Home duties and pets keep me anchored in the countryside. But I love the city and enjoy it whenever I can.And Happy Birthday!


  2. Happy birthday dude! xoxox!


  3. Happy Birthday!


  4. that's the next place I want to visit


  5. Joyeux anniversaire 🙂


  6. Ordinarily, those who think ill of the French are the same who wanted to change the name of French fries. There is a lot of culture out there, not just in France and there is a group of people who seem to dwell in the morass of ignorance and stupidity.I love France and I have great memories…my daughter worked at the American Embassy in Paris and I also had a dashing, charming French lover for two years. My visits to France only brought me joy.saludos,raulito


  7. hmmm is this pastry cream-filled? just wonderin'…


  8. So, then, I guess this week is your 41st birthday? Happy birthday!Did you go to Montmartre? Shakespeare & Co.? 🙂



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