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Transatlantic flights from Boston are getting more affordable

travel, handsome, hunkInternational travel is getting both easier and more affordable if you live in Boston.  Logan will soon have the more low-cost trans-Atlantic flights than any other airport in the United States and industry analysts say they expect the growth of low-cost carriers in Boston to continue.

Analysts cite a confluence of global and regional forces that work in our favor, from low oil and fuel prices and Logan’s proximity to Europe to the strength of the economy of Greater Boston, which has ample supply of business travelers and younger flyers interested in seeing the world on the cheap.

For example, discount airline, Thomas Cook, is offering introductory non-stop fares from Boston to Manchester, England for $312 when they start flying to Logan Airport next week, and earlier this month AirBerlin started non-stop flights Boston to Dusseldorf, Germany for $650. Both fares are cheaper than my flight to San Francisco later this month.

Off to San Francisco

San FranciscoWork has me traveling to San Francisco this afternoon and I’ll be out that way until Saturday morning of Memorial Day Weekend.

Sadly, I’ll have little time to enjoy one of my favorite cities and to see friends who now live there, so please be patient with me if I’m slow to approve comments or miss a post or two throughout the week.

Travel to Iceland has never been easier

gay travel, travel, europeReykjavik, Iceland may not be on your bucket list but with two Icelandic airlines offering non-stop daily service from Boston the five hour flight, which can cost less than a Boston – San Francisco fare, may be a fun summer destination to consider. Both discount airlines offer travelers the opportunity to book flights with a stopover for several nights in Reykjavik to experience Iceland before continuing on to more than 30 destinations in Europe if you would rather couple your visit with a longer vacation to another European city.

Reykjavik, Travel

Photo courtesy of Esja Travel which caters to LGBT travelers

When I first floated the idea of visiting Reykjavik to Sergio several years back he looked at me like I had three heads and said something to the effect of, “Why would I want to go to a country made of ice?“, but nothing could be further from the truth if you visit in the summer when the days are at their longest.  One of the things that I definitely would like to do when we visit (someday) is check out their famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa which remains warm year round.

Exchange rates for American travelers to Iceland remain favorable with one US dollar roughly equal to 125 Icelandic Króna, which is slightly down from the end of 2015 but still incredibly advantageous for American travelers.

Reykjavik, travel

Photo courtesy of Goecco Outdoor Tours

Have you visited Iceland before? Are you thinking of traveling to Reykjavik this summer? The city’s gay pride celebration is August 2- 7, 2016. You can find out more information about Reykjavik Gay Pride on their FB page, here.

Two airlines provide daily non-stop service from Boston to Reykjavik:
WOW Airlines

Discover the Azores for $500 RT from Boston

travelStarting today, Azores Airlines is offering a special “Discover the Azores” airfare of just $501 round-trip, including tax, from Boston to the Azores non-stop, but to qualify, tickets must be purchased between May 3 and 16, 2016.  The special fare is for travel from Boston Logan to the island of São Miguel in the Azores and is valid for travel from September 16, 2016, to December 16, 2016.

The Azores form an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic and are characterized by dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, green pastures and hedgerows of blue hydrangeas. For more information and reservations, contact Azores Airlines at 800-762-9995,

Next stop Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal, Lisbon, gay travel, travel, EuropSergio and I booked our first trip to Portugal at the end of summer.  This visit to Portugal may be bittersweet for Sergio who’s father passed away about 16 months ago and who’s family emigrated from there to Brazil.  Ever since I first met Sergio I’ve wanted to visit Portugal and I’m looking forward to spending a few days exploring Lisbon.  We have the opportunity to spend 2-3 nights outside of Lisbon, but I’m torn on whether we should head north to Porto or south to some of the fantastic looking beaches.

Have you visited Portugal? Share your thoughts or tips in the comments section of my blog or by emailing me directly at

Nonstop flights from Boston to Copenhagen

travel, gay travel, gay scandinavia

Boston Boys hanging out in Copenhagen

Last month SAS started the first nonstop flights between Boston and Copenhagen making it the first airline to offer such service to Scandinavia. However, starting in May there will be a bit more competition when Norwegian Air Shuttle, a low-cost European airline, starts non-stop service from Boston to both Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway.

About Copenhagen: Slightly smaller in population than Boston, Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital and largest city with a metro population of 1.2m Danes. Copenhagen is an incredibly progressive city and if you were to travel there I would suggest you bookmark

Copenhagen Pride: Contemplating a visit to the gay-friendly capital of Denmark? Take note that their Pride festivities run from August 16 – 21, and fares are approximately $1,300 for nonstop round trip service. For more information about Copenhagen Pride like their Facebook page, here.

For nonstop service between Boston and Copenhagen contact SAS and Norwegian Air Shuttle (nonstop service starts in May 2016).

Would you travel where it is illegal to be gay

Travel, SydneyEarlier this month, Attitude Magazine shared the results of a survey they conducted with the LGBT-friendly travel service  The annual survey was completed by more than 900 LGBT travelers.

One of the more interesting survey findings was that 61% of LGBT travelers would not not visit a destination where homosexuality is illegal. I have many friends who have traveled to countries where homosexuality is either illegal or if not technically illegal – still dangerous to visit. To date, Sergio and I have erred on the side of visiting places where we can safely travel but I’m curious what your thoughts are on the matter.

Would you travel to a destination where it is illegal to be gay?