Where will you travel in 2021

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At last we can talk about 2020 in the past tense! Sadly, more infections, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 are certain, but in the coming months I cannot help but feel that real progress will be made in combatting this virus. With a new administration in the US and broader distribution of the coronavirus vaccine globally, I have a sense of hope and optimism that I haven’t felt in a long time. Which makes me start to think about…

Where will you travel this year?

…how much I am looking forward to returning to life as we knew it pre-COVID. Part of that includes entertaining thoughts about places Sergio and I might be able to go and explore later in 2021. Prior to our lockdown in 2020, work had sent me to Florida and Arizona, and Sergio and I were lucky enough to spend the end of 2019 in South America, but that seems like a lifetime ago now.

Destinations on my radar include potentially returning to Cayman, Puerto Rico, Puerto Vallarta, Punta del Este, or Lisbon. I assume that we will go back to Brazil for the Christmas holiday as well, but we will see. Will you travel once it is safe? If so, where are you planning to visit this year?

2 responses to “Where will you travel in 2021

  1. definitely. once it’s safe. probably my annual road trip from alaska downstates and back. maybe for the last time before i explore new avenues.



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