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Vintage gay

This week’s vintage gay post comes from the @oldmasc Twitter account. According to the post this photo was taken at the NYC Piers in 1978. This was a very popular place for gay men to meet and connect prior to the AIDS epidemic. I can’t help but wonder what ever may have become of him.

I dedicate this weekly post, featuring vintage gay photographs, to the men and women who lived in a more critical time where being true to yourself and loving who you want wasn’t always an option and came at a great price. Do you have a photo you would like to share? Email me at

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Seaplane service to Provincetown from Boston and New York City begins May 25th


On Friday, Tailwind Air announced new air service to Provincetown from Boston and New York City on their seaplanes, beginning Wednesday, May 25th. Flights from Boston will take off at Fan Pier Marina in the Seaport and land in Provincetown Harbor.

The 35 minute flights from Boston will depart at 6:20 p.m. on Wednesdays through Fridays and at 11:30 a.m. on Sundays. Planes can accommodate eight people. The service will compete with Cape Air which flies out of Logan and LaGuardia. Additionally,

The company first launched nonstop service between Boston Harbor and New York City in August. With the addition of Provincetown Harbor, Tailwind Air will serve four destinations from its Boston Harbor base: Plymouth, Manhattan, and East Hampton. The flights will operate through Sept. 5.

Boston to Provincetown fares start at $275, and Manhattan to Provincetown fares start at $795. Fares can be booked at

Cape Air approved for seaplane service between Boston and New York City harbor

Many of us have not been to an airport in more than a year, but the coronavirus lockdown will eventually come to an end, and I look forward to being able to travel again in the not too distant future (hopefully). Cape Air is anticipating an increase in air travel as well. Earlier this month the airline best known for shuttling passengers to Provincetown, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket may soon offer flights between Boston and New York City waterfronts.

The airline received a trial approval for four daily seaplane flights between Boston Harbor and New York City’s East River. Service in Boston would operate from the Boston Waterboat Marina (near the BHC Provincetown Ferry) and from the Skyport in the East River at 23rd Street. Seaplane service will take approximately one hour and cost $400. If approved this will be the fastest and most convenient service between the two cities.

No start date was shared, but I hope this service takes off (pun intended). The travel time would be almost four times faster than the Boston-New York Amtrak Acela, which I only jokingly refer to as highspeed train service. While flight times will be comparable to the Business Shuttles operated by American Airlines, Delta and JetBlue, there is no comparison in terms of convenience. Landing in downtown and not having to navigate airport security or deal with NYC traffic makes this service far more desireable.

Dark Matter: The Black Party

Strange Live Acts • Dress: Heavy

This year the Black Party returns to Manhattan on Saturday, April 1, 2017 theme of “Dark Matter” imagines a world where queer refugees looking to escape Earth seek a space colony in a galaxy far away.

For tickets and more information visit


G Lounge in Chelsea will close at end of the year

Chelsea, gay bars NYC

Source: G Lounge Facebook page

Yesterday Kennethinthe212 blog posted that the popular gay bar G Lounge in Chelsea will be closing at the end of this year. I have some fun memories navigating my way around the bar and was sorry to hear that the popular bar would be closing.  Kenneth writes:

I just confirmed this with G Lounge, a gay-bar staple in Chelsea for 20 years. I first heard rumblings about G closing in early 2014, but then was told I was wrong in 2015. Sadly, I wasn’t. The bar — which signed a confident 20-year lease when it opened in 1996 — seemed to remain vibrant as Splash, Rawhide, The Break, Champs, View Bar and others faded away. Sad to hear a place that played such a big role in my life is coming to an end, even if it had ended in my actual life many years ago.

Read this funny conversation Kenneth’s friend had via text when he learned of G Lounge’s imminent closing. I think we can all agree with his friends sentiments.

Kenneth’s friend’s funny response to G Lounge closing

Weekend in NYC

BosGuy, New York CitySergio and I just returned from spending a weekend in New York City. We had a great time seeing friends, paying respect to others (at the 9/11 Memorial) and strolling around some of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan.

The photo above is of me at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery which is located on West 22nd Street between 10th and 11th Avenue just under the High Line Park. The exhibit featured the Brazilian street artists and twin brothers known as Osgemeos (The Geminis). Bostonians may remember them from their amazing temporary public art display in Dewey Square in 2012, which was 7-stories tall by nearly 80 feet wide. Below are photos from our time wandering around.

High Line Park NYCworld-trade-center911 Memorial

The 1970s: The Blossoming of a Queer Enlightenment

Earlier this month the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art opened their latest exhibit, The 1970s: The Blossoming of a Queer Enlightenment.

LGBT rights, Gay rights, Leslie Lohman Museum

Davies Diana Davies, Demonstration at City Hall, 1973/2013, Digital print. Gift of Alexis Heller, ©NYPL. Collection of LeslieLohman Museum

If you have plans to visit New York City in the coming weeks or months you may want to stop by the museum at 26 Wooster Street in New York City to check out the exhibit, which opened on April 8th and runs through June 26th.

LGBT Rights, Gay Rights, Leslie Lohman Museum

Milk Harvey Milk, San Francisco Gay Parade, 1974/2009, Archival inkjet print, 8 x 10 in. © The Estate of Harvey Milk. Collection of Leslie-Lohman Museum.

The exhibit explores the vibrant and liberating decade between the Stonewall Riots from 1969 through 1980, just before we heard the first rumblings of the AIDS crisis.  The exhibition features over 115 works, including photographs, drawings and paintings made during this significant period in LGBTQ history.
The exhibit explores themes of political activism, body/self, fashion/style, and sexual freedom/expression.

High Line Nudes by Kevin McDermott is now available for pre-order

photography, NYC, New York CityKevin McDermott is an accomplished photographer who first came to my attention in 2014 when his book, Virgin Island, with Detroit-based model, Todd Sanfield, was released. McDermott is getting attention again for a new book that is available for pre-order called High Line Nudes.

The forthcoming book juxtaposes the male form against impressive and iconic New York City architecture and is now available for pre-order from the publisher, Ten Avenues Press.

Pre-Order Your Copy of High Line Nudes by Kevin McDermott

Black Party NYC March 19, 2016

Black Party NYC

This year’s Black Party theme is SUBmerged

This year’s Black Party theme takes place in Brooklyn, New York starting at 10PM Saturday, March 19 and runs through Sunday afternoon, March 20, 2016. More than 4,000 are expected to come to attend this year’s Black Party to enjoy the music from the five headlining DJ’s who will be playing for 18+ hours.

Black Party advance tickets are available starting today. For more information about tickets, volunteering and other details visit

Check out Charles Busch as Cleopatra in NYC

Charles Busch as 'Cleopatra' courtesy of David Rodgers

Photo credit: David Rodgers

Next month Charles Busch, probably best known for his vintage Hollywood satires (like Psycho Beach Party and Die Mommy Die) returns to New York City to (as the Hollywood Reporter puts it), “step into the sandals of Elizabeth Taylor” in his new play Cleopatra.

The limited engagement will take place at the Theater for the New City (located at 155 First Avenue) in the East Village. Cleopatra will have 22 performances starting Friday, March 25 running through Sunday, April 17.

Tickets are $25 and currently on sale via

Purchase your Cleopatra Tickets Here

Restaurant review: O’Hara’s Pub WTC

O'Hara's Pub NYC Guinness


My trip to New York City last month brought me to the Financial District; an area of the city I’m not familiar with so after doing a quick search online I found a pub called O’Hara’s that had scores of rave reviews and was near by.

Upon entering O’Hara’s you’ll note the hundreds (if not thousands) of patches from police departments. It gives the place a certain charm and paid tribute to those men and women who spend their careers serving and protecting others. I liked O’Hara’s the minute I walked in the door. The bartender, Paul, had an easy going personality and maintained conversations with everyone at the bar without ever seeming to rush anyone or leave any patrons waiting.

O'Hara's Pub NYC iiThe food is mostly of the comfort variety. I was tempted to try the Shepherd’s Pie which Paul said was delicious but huge, so I opted for one of their many burgers on the menu. I ended up ordering the Bronx Burger which comes with mushrooms, sauteed onions and American cheese as well as a generous pile of French fries all for $12.50 (pretty damn cheap by NYC standards).

The food, beer and service all lived up to the hype in those reviews, I’m happy to say. If you are looking for a classic pub and the corresponding grub this is a place to check out. O’Hara’s Pub is located at 120 Cedar Street and serves food much later than most of the surrounding bars and restaurants. If you do stop by tell Paul the guy from Boston says “Hello”.

Where are the best deals for lodging in NYC

travel, handsome, hunkNormally I share information with you but in this post I’m turning the tables. I have been asked by a friend to help them find an affordable option when they go to New York City next month; preferably in Manhattan. Clean, safe and if possible conveniently located are what this traveler is looking for so she can extend her business trip to enjoy some personal time in NYC.

Do you have a favorite place to stay that won’t break the bank for a traveler burdened by a budget? Share your favorite suggestions in the comments section below so all may read.

Restaurant review: Dos Caminos Midtown

mexican restaurant in NYCDos Caminos is a Mexican restaurant with four locations in Manhattan.  Last month I met my brother for dinner at Dos Caminos Midtown on a warm summer night.  We picked the restaurant for three reasons: it was close to where we were staying; it has a large outdoor patio; and my brother suggested it (I never question him when he recommends Mexican).

The patio provides great people watching and we settled in by ordering cold beers and guacamole, which comes with a  huge basket of chips and three salsas: mild, medium (which is fairly smoky), and hot.  The menu is divided into sections including: Guacamole ($5-$14), Ceviche ($12-$18), Starters ($10-$13), Tacos ($16-$36) and House Specialties ($18-$26).

Guacamole with chips and salsa for two $14

Guacamole with chips and salsa for two $14

I found our server both attentive and helpful when navigating the menu.  He made excellent suggestions and left us to enjoy our meal together.  My brother ordered the Dos Caminos Chopped Salad with grilled steak. While it looked good and he said he enjoyed the salad, I’m fairly certain his favorite part of his meal was the side of sweet plantains he ordered.  They were served soft, warm and sweet. I ended up helping myself to a few of them for the sake of this review.

Dos Caminos NYC

Chopped salad with steak $19.50

After some serious consideration I opted to get the herb-roasted chicken breast served with plenty of rice and beans.  The chicken was prepared with its skin and the herbs add a bit of fragrance to the plate when it is first served.  The additional side of rice and beans is a bit of overkill but it didn’t stop me from overeating and giving it my best shot to try and finish all of it.

Dos Caminos, NYC

Herb roasted chicken breast $22

While this isn’t the best Mexican I’ve had – it was perfect for an evening outside and anyone looking for casual dining outdoors in this part of town should check it out. Dos Caminos is located on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 50th Street.

Restaurant review: Carbone in Hell’s Kitchen

Carbone Ristorante Hells Kitchen MenuCarbone is a tiny unpretentious Italian restaurant located on a relatively quiet (is anyplace quiet in NYC) street in Hell’s Kitchen.  This restaurant should not be confused with the swanky restaurant by the same name in Greenwich Village.

Carbone came to my attention while I was searching for places nearby and the 3.7 rating on Zomato seemed to make this a solid choice.  Upon entering I was greeted by the owner who only goes by Alessandro and a friendly host who ushered me out to their tiny private back patio. Unfortunately dodgy weather brought me back inside to avoid rain, but the cozy vibe of the place made for a great first impression.  This space is probably only 12′ at its widest point and the exposed brick wall gives the impression of a back alley (think Lady and the Tramp).

Roallatine Di Melenzane $13

Roallatine Di Melenzane $13

I ordered a glass of the Montepulicano, which was suggested by the waiter and proved to be much to my liking, followed by the Rollatine Di Melenzane.  The eggplant rolls came with the mozzarella cheese still melting on to the plate. This proved to be my favorite part of the meal. The thinly sliced eggplant were overstuffed with ricotta cheese and the tomato sauce was sweet and delicious. I used the  bread to get most of the excess sauce and ricotta that oozed out when I cut the pieces to eat.

Pizza Italiano $16

Pizza Italiano $16

With approximately one quarter of Carbone’s dinner menu dedicated to pizza, I opted to skip the main dishes and pastas and order the Pizza Italiano which is topped with cheese, arugula, fresh tomatoes and prosciutto.  When served the cheese and prosciutto smelled wonderful but ultimately it disappointed because I thought the crust lacked flavor.  Based on the rollatine and the many positive reviews of this restaurant I wonder if I made a mistake and should have ordered a pasta. One thing I do know is that Tavola, which is located around the corner is the better choice for pizza.  However, the cozy vibe and very reasonable price point makes this a place worth considering; just be sure to stick to the pastas.

Carbone’s is located at 331 W. 38th Street between 8th & 9th Ave.

Fleet Week NYC: May 18 – 26

Fleet Week NYC, Tom of FinlandFleet Week starts in NYC on Monday, May 18 and runs through Monday, May 26. Might be fun to head into NYC for the weekend and personally thank all those sailors who are out in Hell’s Kitchen letting off some steam.

Fleet Week New York City official events