G Lounge in Chelsea will close at end of the year

Chelsea, gay bars NYC

Source: G Lounge Facebook page

Yesterday Kennethinthe212 blog posted that the popular gay bar G Lounge in Chelsea will be closing at the end of this year. I have some fun memories navigating my way around the bar and was sorry to hear that the popular bar would be closing.  Kenneth writes:

I just confirmed this with G Lounge, a gay-bar staple in Chelsea for 20 years. I first heard rumblings about G closing in early 2014, but then was told I was wrong in 2015. Sadly, I wasn’t. The bar — which signed a confident 20-year lease when it opened in 1996 — seemed to remain vibrant as Splash, Rawhide, The Break, Champs, View Bar and others faded away. Sad to hear a place that played such a big role in my life is coming to an end, even if it had ended in my actual life many years ago.

Read this funny conversation Kenneth’s friend had via text when he learned of G Lounge’s imminent closing. I think we can all agree with his friends sentiments.

Kenneth’s friend’s funny response to G Lounge closing


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