Restaurant review: Tavola

Tavola is an authentic Neopolitan pizzeria and pasta restaurant in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.  Originally an Italian grocery store the original sign and some of the grocer’s shelves can be seen along the left wall when you first enter this long, rectangular restaurant, but my eye was immediately drawn to the massive wood burning oven at the far end that cooks the pizzas. I ended up chatting with the owner, Nick Accardi, who took over this restaurant about 18-months ago and he proudly told me about the restaurants history and why they are so passionate about the food they make.

Tavola Hell's KitchenI also had the chance to chat with the handsome Italian bartender who spends his days in Brooklyn as a struggling artist.  This neighborhood restaurant is definitely worth crossing town to check out.  Antipasti range from $8-13; pasta and entrees are $16-28; and the individual pizzas range from $10-19 — while the pastas all looked good, I knew I was going to order a pizza.  After chatting with Nick I ordered a glass of Sangiovese and the Calebresa Bona which comes topped with Esposito’s hot sopressata, fresh ricotta, plum tomato and basil.

Tavola Hell's KitchenThe thin crust is substantial enough to cradle the hot cheeses, meats and herbs that melted in my mouth.  The salty toppings had just a bit of heat but nothing that would set your mouth on fire and I used a bowl of olive oil that Nick gave me to dip the crust of the pizza so when I was done there was hardly any evidence that a pizza was once there.

Do you like pizza? Are you in New York? Head over to Hell’s Kitchen, say hello to Nick or the friendly Italian bartender, Francesco and try their pizza.

Tavola’s is located at 488 Ninth Ave in Hell’s Kitchen.

Tavola on Urbanspoon


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