South End rumor: Caffe Nero coming to Tremont Street

Peets Coffee South EndIt took me more than eight months to circle back, but my post from this past spring, South End rumor: Caffe Nerofinally seems to be for real despite the lack of activity in the space formerly occupied by Francesca’s Cafe.

This weekend The Union Park Neighborhood Association distributed an agenda for their General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 13th and at the top of their meeting agenda is time to discuss “Overview of plans for Caffe Nero, new tenant for space previously occupied by Francesca’s“.

Coffee shopThere are no details regarding what those plans are that will be reviewed at the neighborhood association meeting. Hopefully this signifies that work will commence shortly so the space won’t remain vacant for much longer.

As I had mentioned in previous posts, the drastic increase in rent probably meant this space would require the deep pockets of a national (or in this case international) chain.  I’d prefer to see a proliferation of independent coffee houses, but I’m sure that most people are happy to see that this will not be another bank, real estate or mortgage office.

2 responses to “South End rumor: Caffe Nero coming to Tremont Street

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  2. Nero was a great alternative to S’bux when I was over in England, but not as good as it could be. At least it’s a cafe with wifi and plenty of windows to people-watch from.



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