Gay Dodgeball pick up game Nov. 29th

boston gay dodgeball league, gay bostonLooking to be more active or meet people outside of an app or bar? Perhaps you should join Boston’s Gay Dodgeball league on Thursday, November 29th for their $5 welcome to all pick up game. After the pick up game you can sign up for league play. More information about Thursday’s pick up game is available here.

Season Starts Dec 6th, 2018
@ Holland Community Center

Boston’s Gay Dodgeball League is comprised of 12 Teams and runs for 8 weeks. Each team has 13-20 players (13 players on the court at one time, but all play) with games lasting 50 minutes.  For more information visit their Facebook page.



One response to “Gay Dodgeball pick up game Nov. 29th

  1. It always amused me as to how the name of this game became “dodgeball”. We played it in school as “murderball”. Dodgeball is an entirely different game, and is played within a large circle. When the movie of that name came out, I guess they wanted to change the name, but they also changed the game.



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