9/11: Twenty years later

911, September 11th

September 11, 2001 impacted many people in the Boston area especially hard. The flights that crashed into the World Trade Center left Logan Airport. Those planes were filled with people from Boston so despite the fact that 20 years have passed it is still a day that is tinged with sadness.

Like many in the area, I lost a close friend that day. My friend, Graham Berkeley (shown above) remains frozen in time as a 30-something who had a devilish personality and wicked sense of humor. If he were alive today he’d be in his mid 50s (I think 56), but sadly that isn’t the case. While life continues, I still feel for those families and friends who lost loved ones as well as those who were injured and traumatized in the wake of those attacks. This post is also for all of you.

4 responses to “9/11: Twenty years later

  1. it is a mixed blessing that your reflection and graham have become a part of my own recollections of the day and event. i was in providence that morning and had stopped for coffee on my way to a meeting at the “gay coffeeshop” whose name i no longer remember across from the george m. cohan marker on the square. a group of us ended up staying for quite a while, transfixed by what was happening in the world before finally being able to go our own ways.


  2. Your Royal Highness



  3. Thank you for your poignant post about your friend. Your words truly are for all of us.



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