Epoc Studios

Personal and small group training studio in Boston’s South End

Yesterday, I wrote about the Elite Training Group, the personal traing studio I work out at 2x a week. I also wanted to give ETGs “sister studio” a shout out. Epoc Studios which opened this past summer is owned and operated by Kris Kranzky’s brother Kyle and his girlfriend Tatiana. The two relocated from Southern California to open this space, located just a couple doors down from ETG on Washington Street, across from Peter’s Park.

Epoc Studios specializes in small-group training, delivering customizable, challenging, and effective fitness experience for people of all ages and fitness levels. The sleek interior is definitely deceptive from its exterior. Their custom-designed workouts can include heart-rate monitors with a visual display shown in real-time on screens throughout the gym during class to see how hard you’re working out. Both trainers are very friendly, easy to talk to and a very welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Photos courtesy of Epoc Studios Instagram Account @epoc.studios

With the days getting shorter and the holiday season approaching, it gets harder to carve out time to workout. One of the lessons I’ve taken from the pandemic is personal health can’t be taken for granted, but it also takes work. That work is easier thanks to expert advise from people like Kyle and Tatiana there every step of the way – all it takes is for you to meet them halfway. If you’re looking for a new gym or need to mix things up check out Epoc.

Epoc Studios
1250 Washington Street – South End

Alternatively, you can also check out their sister gym, Elite Training Group, a few doors down.


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