Remembering 9/11

911 Memorial

Even after all these years, this day continues to be a somber one for me and many people who I know. I still very much feel for the family of my friend who lost their son, Graham Berkeley, who was on United Flight 175, and I feel for the colleagues and friends of Sergio’s who were also on that flight.

At the time, Sergio worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines and was based out of Boston. He almost exclusively flew the nonstop flights from Boston to Los Angeles and San Francisco and may have been scheduled to fly UAL 175 that day (we never went back to check his schedule), but as chance had it he had taken the time off to be with his family, and he was in Brazil on September 11, 2001.

For those families and friends who lost loved ones on the hijacked flights, for those who were injured and traumatized and for all those first responders and citizens who were hurt or died aiding in the recovery following that terrible day, this post is for you.

One response to “Remembering 9/11

  1. Thank you for today’s post, and sharing
    your personal connection to 9/11. Take time to spend with Sergio, and cherish each other, realizing how fortunate that fate and luck were with the both of you.

    21 years later, the sadness is still there.

    I finally went to NY for my first time in August 2017, made a point of visiting the “site”, and the Memorial Museum. It was quite emotional, overwhelming and has stayed with me. Even standing in front of the two “voids” where the towers stood, my mind couldn’t comprehend that they weren’t there. It still brings me to tears. 😢

    RIP to those lost… 🙏



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