Little Christmas Tree Shop of Horrors

Ryan Landry and The Gold Dust Orphans return this winter with their holiday spectacular, Little Christmas Tree Shop of Horrors.

Little Christmas Tree Shop of Horrors
Holiday Run: December 1 – 23
At The Iron Wolf Theatre in S. Boston
Get Your Tickets Here!

For those uninitiated, Landry and his creative troupe of theatrical misfits have been entertaining audiences in Boston and Provincetown for more than two decades. The holiday shows in recent years have been absolutely irreverant and hilarious poking fun at gay cliches, social mores / customs, and of course conservative politics.

About Little Christmas Tree Shop of Horrors
Who is killing the somewhat innocent, questionably respectable people of Revere, Massachusetts? And at Christmas, for Christs sake! Nervous Dollar Store manager, Norbert Feinstein knows, but he’s too busy pining for his co-worker, Tawdry and running from his boss, everyone’s favorite holiday villain, Hermione P. Grinchley! Things look pretty bleak for our heroes until they come across the strangest little Christmas treeā€¦ a Christmas tree that KILLS!


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