Hasty Pudding Theatre: 174 Cosmic Relief!

The Hasty Pudding Theatre is America’s oldest theater company in the United States. This tiny theater tucked into a side street across from Harvard Yard is often overlooked, and I wanted to give the troupe a shout out. If you’re looking for a fun evening out at the theater that won’t break the bank, check out this year’s production, HPT: 174 Cosmic Relief! Tickets start at a very reasonable $35 and are worth every penny.

HPT 174: Cosmic Relief!

Houston, we have a problem: FBI agent LAUREN ORDER has tanked the Apollo Mission again! Since Lauren turned her communist mother in to the FBI as a child, the Bureau has been her home — but after losing all of her puppy test-astronauts to the cosmos and sending America’s space race chances hurtling, she’s been demoted to the place of a government agent’s nightmares: Hollywood. On her way to bust failed director WORSE N. WELLES’s production of a sci-fi movie with communist undertones, Lauren has a realization: if she can’t make a real moon landing happen, why not fake one instead? With the help of resident diva SHIRLEY UVERDOVME, lovable but dim leading man THEODORE MEE, spacey hippie AUNTY ESTABLISHMENT, method actress ESTHER TERRESTRIAL, and professional extra JUSTIN D’BACKCROWNED, will this production studio successfully feign one giant leap for mankind? Will tap-dancing child actor MANNIE! VENTUALLYWILLFALL finally find someone to adopt him? Will Lauren’s lost space pup LASSIE NINORBETTE find her way back home? And, for Neptune’s sake, will ousted NASA scientist NOAH CREDITED, Ph.D. finally find a use for his squeak ray? Take one small step into Farkas Hall this spring to find out as HPT proudly presents its 174th production: COSMIC RELIEF!

Written By: Maureen Clare and Matthew Cole

February 5th to March 5th
Get Your Tickets Here

If you love campy productions – the Hasty Pudding Theater is for you!


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