Massachusetts residents are healthier than most Americans

When people think of food from food from Massachusetts they probably think of Dunkin’s coffee & donuts, Legal Seafood’s New England clam chowder, and the Parker House’s iconic Boston Cream Pie dessert. These aren’t the healthiest of foods, so it may surprise some to learn that the state is consistently ranked as either the healthiest or one of the healthiest states in the country.

Last week The University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute released their annual rankings of the health of US counties and states. The report pulls from more than 90 factors such as food security, transportation, housing, education and air pollution. And unsurprisingly, the survey found that Bay State residents are healthier than most Americans. The data shows that people in Massachusetts are less obese, has fewer smokers, and despite the cold temperatures are less seditary.

You can dive deeper into the data about Massachusetts or look at the data from another state, here.


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