Casa Giacomo’s is now Gigi

Casa Giacomo’s opened in late December 2022. The space had been purchased earlier that spring by the team behind the much-loved Kava Neo Taverna and Ilona South End restaurants. After the longtime owner of Giacomo’s was sold the team closed the restaurant to perform extensive updates in the kitchen and remodeling of the dining room.

When the tiny Italian neighborhood restaurant reopened in late December it gave a nod to its past by rebranding the new space as “Casa Giacomo’s” but the similarity in name proved to be confusing to the public, which didn’t realize there was a change of ownership and vision. To eliminate the confusion, the owners have now changed the name to Gigi.

If you’ve not yet tried the restaurant, I’d encourage you to stop by. Some of my favorite items on Gigi’s menu include for starters: the cured meat and cheese plate ($18) and polpette meatballs ($15); main plates: carbonara pasta ($25), risotto al manzo ($25), and branzino ($28); and while I typically skip dessert, I suggest trying Gigi’s tiramisu with an Amari.

431 Columbus Avenue

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  1. Hope all eye candy is as good as it looks



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