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SpeakEasy Stage presents The Sound Inside

Brilliantly intense. Go see The Sound Inside.

Last week, Sergio and I attended our first live theater performance since late 2019. The SpeakEasy Stage Company’s first production in front of a live audience is the drama The Sound Inside by Adam Rapp. The play premiered at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in 2018, and opened on Broadway in 2019, and was nominated for six 2020 Tony Awards.

SpeakEasy Stage presents: The Sound Inside
September 24 – October 16, 2021
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The 90-minute play (no intermission) opens with a monologue by Bella Baird, a tenured, creative writing professor at Yale who is a loner and prefers the company of her books to people. The audience is quickly introduced to the only other character in the play, a Freshman named Christopher.

The play centers around the unlikely relationship between Bella and Christopher. Their riveting and intense dialog is brilliantly delivered by both actors. The dialog is sprinkled with humor (e.g. Bella’s retelling of a one-night stand). But even these funny moments are tinged with an itensity and loneliness, which is a theme that runs through the play.

Sergio and I both really liked the play and encourage you to see it and let us know what you think. However, don’t take our word that the play is excellent and worth seeing. Both The Boston Globe and WBUR give rave reviews. Go see this production before it closes on Saturday, October 16th.