How did you find BosGuy?

Earlier this week, I revealed that a blog posting dating back to early November 2010 entitled Every gay teenagers dream: Darren Criss continues to drive a fair amount of traffic to my blog.

This got me to thinking about what other postings continue to drive visitors to my site purely based on online search terms.

Most of the search terms that Blogger has identified are fairly logical. However there was one term / phrase in particular that caught my attention. Apparently when people type into Google, “Big Ass” my post from December 2010 entitled, Does this chair make my ass look big shows up at the bottom of the first page of search results. Who knew so many people were searching for “Big Ass” online? I’m pretty sure they are disappointed in the blog posting when they click through to the link.

8 responses to “How did you find BosGuy?

  1. I thought I had discovered you thru someone else, but it turns out it was thru #menoftwitter. It was retweeted by someone I already followed.


  2. It'd been a while since I dropped blogging – back in my atariageguy days (as you can see I still default to this account when logging in to blogger). I was curious who was still blogging (and gay) from Boston. A simple search showed you were basically it 😀


  3. I was attracted to the "professional" bit on your masthead.


  4. I found you via Pac's Pad whilst pressing random buttons on the laptop trying to figure out how to work Blogger. :o)


  5. I found your site while searching "local boston activism gay" in google. I'm an intern at a local online radio stations that streams live local music and shows regarding events and local activism. Yesterday there was a segment regarding the proposed gay marriage bill in NY on the station ( and I was curious to find out what would come up with those search terms. Needless to say your blog is entertaining enough that I will continue reading! Thanks!KC


  6. I'm pretty sure I found you via a comment you left on another blog somewhere else. I've been a fan ever since. 🙂 Although I still can't believe our paths haven't crossed…someday.


  7. I just followed the cum drips on the floor….


  8. But I stayed for the insightful reviews and, of course, the #MenOfTwitter.



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