Sochi Olympic Village men’s bathroom

Gay SochiConsidering how uptight Russia seems to be about man-on-man action, it is puzzling that they would actively encourage pairs of men to share bathrooms like this.  Don’t they realize gay cruising pretty much started here?  This is clearly another case of people needing to know their history.  Despite the Mayor of Sochi’s claims that no gay people live here, that can’t be said for the Russian Olympic village.

Curious that in their very specific bathroom warning signs (see above) they don’t ban bathroom sex. Should one infer that it is encouraged? Even someone as homely as Putin stands a chance of getting some action in a bathroom stall.Vlad Putin not so good looking

3 responses to “Sochi Olympic Village men’s bathroom

  1. When my Aunt was in the “foreign service” she had worked in Viet Nam, Egypt, Ghana (where she had to wash her food in clorox and keep her bathtub filled with water so huge cockroaches wouldn’t crawl out and even Haiti (the dirtiest and poorest country in her opinion) but when they asked her to move to Russia – she retired rather than live there. Even with her status the living conditions would have been too difficult.

    I think we forget or don’t realize that Russia is not really a westernized nation and in most areas is still barely a 3rd world nation. I think bc of their size, power and influence is why their criminalization of homosexuals is so dangerous when compared to some other smaller nations.

    The one good thing is that comparing many of the laws in certain US states to Russian laws might help our fight here.


  2. They are all just closeted Sochi-bathroom lovers!!!


  3. Well – I just took a Sochi



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