Warm weather pics from BosGuy readers

Alvaro - Miami Beach, FL

Alvaro – Miami Beach, FL

Perhaps I reached a breaking point or maybe I’m just missing the recent vacation Sergio and I took to Grand Cayman earlier this February. Either way, on Monday I asked readers to share their warm weather photos and a few of you took me up on my request (thank you by the way).

Do you live some place that is warm year round or have you happened to take a vacation somewhere warm to escape the winter? I’d love to share a photo of you smiling in the sun.

Email me your warm weather photo at bosguymail@gmail.com. All I ask is that you include your name (just first name is fine) and where you are.

Mark and Joe Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mark and Joe – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mark (on the left) lives in Deleware when he isn’t sunning himeself in Mexico. He also happens to be a blogger. You can check out online at Tales Of The Sissy.

Stephen in Palm Springs, CA

Stephen – Palm Springs, CA

Stephen moved from Boston to Palm Springs last year.  You may recall we had worked together to create a Boston Pride Retrospective last June.

I’ll keep posting the photos as long as there is a steady stream of pictures being shared so email your warm weather photo to bosguymail@gmail.com.


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