Mary Bonauto named to OUT magazine OUT 100

GLAD, Out 100I wanted to take a moment to congratulate a local hero of mine, Mary Bonauto. Although she isn’t a household name and is likely to be quickly looked over by those skimming through this year’s OUT 100, she is a woman who has changed the world for the better. Mary Bonauto has worked tirelessly for the LGBTQ community here in Boston and across the country. In the OUT 100 issue they describe her as a lawyer and civil rights advocate who was one of the three attorneys who argued for same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court in 2015. However, her legal successes span decades of work thanks to her keen legal mind and chutzpah. Massachusetts former US Representative, Barney Frank, has referred to her as the LGBTQ community’s Thurgood Marshall and I’m inclined to agree.  

Most of her work has been done while at GLAD (Gay Legal Advocates and Defenders) which is based here in Boston and should not be confused with GLAAD. Other highlights to her distinguished career include being the lead counsel in the 2003 case Goodridge v. Department of Public Health which made Massachusetts the first state in which same-sex couples could marry in 2004. She is also responsible for leading the first strategic challenges to section three of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Congratulations Mary. We are all lucky to have you. And those of us here in Massachusetts are especially proud of you and the work you’ve done.

3 responses to “Mary Bonauto named to OUT magazine OUT 100

  1. Awesome! Congrats to her! 😚


  2. I’ve just found out your blog today and I loved it. Congrats, from Brazil.


  3. i first met and heard mary at one of the early glsen conferences when it was glistn back in the earliest 90s. i admired her before that but came to admire and respect her, and see her as a true role model and hero.



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