Furry Friday

handsome, hairy, rodrigo, muscles, furry fridayOnce again after trolling the Internet for too long, trying to find a fitting photo for a Furry Friday that happens to fall on St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve come up short. I suppose nobody will complain that I’m reposting this Furry Friday.

Past Furry Friday Posts

5 responses to “Furry Friday

  1. Amazing choice!


  2. I’m seeing enough green on my colleagues at work, so I’m perfectly fine with this gorgeous guy not wearing green. πŸ˜‰


  3. Perfect


  4. Hey, he could be Irish you know! Excellent choice!


  5. BosGuy, let me be the first one to say that you did a bad job of finding an original “Furry Friday” image, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Yeah, right!

    Are you kidding? And yes, I was being facetious, in a light-hearted way, my dear.

    Nonetheless, I never saw this image before, and I happen to love seeing any hairy man, especially a younger looking one, particularly in this day and age when men under the age of forty seem obsessed with shaving all the hair under their necks.

    Besides, the green tinting of the stuff used to lay the bricks together is a nice touch. Now to lay this “Furry Friday” studpuppy!

    Maybe I need to find a rainbow! Ha!



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