Adios Cancun

Sergio and I (along with our friends) have to say adios to Cancun today and brace ourselves for the frigid temperatures in Boston. The image shown above was taken by our friend, Alex, who I have included a photograph of below. I think his picture taken earlier in the week shows how beautiful it is here.

The excuse for coming to Cancun was to celebrate a friend’s birthday for a few days. Our time here passed quickly and was spent lounging in the sun. The highlight for me was on Friday when we rented a boat and crew to take us out into the ocean for snorkeling and to a sandbar where we could enjoy the spectacular colors of the Caribbean. I’ll definitely miss all the sun and warm weather, but it is time to go home now.

gay travel

My friend Alex really enjoyed the day on the boat as well.

gay travel

Can you see Sergio’s huge smile through the salt-splashed camera lens?

gay travel

The water is so beautiful in Cancun

gay travel

I’m a sucker for a cheesy tourist photo op

Adios Cancun – it’s been real.

One response to “Adios Cancun

  1. Good looking group you got there!



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