Coronavirus rant: Calm the f*ck down

Calm DownI’m veering from my usual topic and string of man candy posts for a momentary rant about our nation’s  response to COVID-19.  Guidance from the White House has been erratic at best, and I attribute the President’s failure to lead as the main reason for so much misinformation and general hysteria. After all Trump has gone from accusing Democrats and media of fear mongering and exaggerating, even suggesting this was a hoax and mortality rates shared by the World Health Organization as not that serious to implementing travel bans and declaring a national emergency. 

Due in large part to Trump’s failure to lead, there has been  a run on items like hand sanitizers and some are hoarding items like paper towels and toilet paper. Take 1-minute (well really 1:20) to listen to Judy Woodruff who closed the Friday night News Hour with a far more sane response than I’ve heard come from our President and a far more compassionate response that I hope will appeal to your better senses. Perhaps the White House can take cues from Judy and others in the media who have provided similar messages to help bring the nation together.

4 responses to “Coronavirus rant: Calm the f*ck down

  1. Ben Silverstein

    Bravo !
    Thanks for posting this and if only the POTUS could utter these words !


  2. The conflicting views out of the White House are disturbing to say the least. All Trump wants to do is continue his campaign at the expense of the health and welfare of Americans. Take those damn hats off and get rid of that bobble headed cheering squad that surrounds him and be a leader and tell the truth. Thank goodness the (“failing”) New York Times and other reputable media are telling us the truth and correcting the many lies from the mouths of Trump and Pence.


  3. thank you. i’ve been amazed and appalled by the hysteria and lack of most seemingly rational people to work together and follow directions instead of go crazy and price gouge and such, though i did miss my weekly puzzle fix friday morning. all the best.


  4. You know, because of all this overreaction, I don’t ever see things normalizing from this, probably ever again.



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