Urban artistry of Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs, Breathe Life 2

Rob Gibbs The MFA Boston has teamed up with local artist, Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs. This is notable because the MFA has historically overlooked local artists of color and partnering with Gibbs may be a first for the museum.

The Roxbury native has been transforming Boston through graffiti art since the early 1990s and his latest collaboration with the MFA, Breathe Life 2, on the exterior of Madison Park High School in Roxbury shows a young girl surrounded by her books, ideas, art, and knowledge coming from her backpack.

I can’t help but wonder if this giant mural, that is clearly visible to the Boston Police Department headquarters across the street, has some deeper meaning or is meant to serve as a reminder that all of us have dreams for a better life.

Photo credit: Gabriel Ortiz photography


Gibbs is a co-founder of Boston’s Artists for Humanity in South Boston. Last year Now and Then featured an article on Gibbs, showing more of his beautiful murals around Boston, You can read the article here.


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