SOLD: Provincetown’s Crown & Anchor

If you live in Provincetown or follow one of the many Facebook groups about Provincetown this is old news to you, because yesterday The Provincetown Independent shared that the gay landmark, Crown & Anchor, had gone under agreement; purchased by Jonathan Hawkins, and his partner / boyfriend, Paolo Martini.

The innkeeper, entertainment, and liquor licenses were all transferred from the previous owners Dougal and Murray to Martini and Hawkins at a licensing board meeting this past Tuesday, October 12th. While I don’t know Hawkins or Martini personally, several of my friends do. Hawkins has lived and worked as a producer in Provincetown for several years. His partner, Martini (what an appropriate name for an owner of the Crown & Anchor) is an executive at Cambridge-based, Moderna Inc.

What makes me happiest about this transaction is that it was purchased by a local, gay couple who live in and love this town. The Provincetown Independent correctly points out that in recent years there has been a great deal of corporate consolidation of gay bars, hotels, media etc… It is good to see that Ptown continues to march to the beat of its own drum and has somehow managed to keep this important venue locally (and gay) owned.

I want to thank Dougal and Murray for all the work they’ve done to make the Crown & Anchor such an excellent venue and wish the new owners Martini and Hawkins much luck and success.

2 responses to “SOLD: Provincetown’s Crown & Anchor

  1. I totally agree, Cheers to Martini and Hawkins !!
    Have a great weekend.


  2. WOW! Fantastic News!!



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