Furry Friday

This week I’m featuring a couple I follow on Twitter. Rissi (in the forefront) is Brazilian. He met his partner, Petros, from Spain back in 2008. They now call London home, but online they always seem to be at a beach.

Past Furry Friday

6 responses to “Furry Friday

  1. Thank you. These guys are my dream cum true.


  2. Okay, I’ll bring the FLOSS! 😁


  3. itsmyhusbandandme

    No wonder his tongue is hanging out.


  4. Gorgeous men, beautiful chest hair. Thanks for the twofer!


  5. I just want to say I still wear. My cut off jeans just like I did in the 80s comfortable in the heat of west Texas During the summer I get alot of flack about them. But I just Don’t give a Dam just because you are not comfortable in your sexuality does not mean I am. So sorry that at 55 I still Rock my shorts just like I did when I was young chick’s still hit on me. It’s due to my saying Dare to wear


  6. love these guys & enjoying following their adventures – they had a travel blog pre-Covid



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