Boston Mayor Michelle Wu calls for proof of vaccination for access to many indoor businesses

Yesterday, Mayor Michelle Wu called for stronger action to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect public health. Starting next month, to enter many Boston businesses, proof of vaccination will be required.

While I believe nobody should be forced to get medical treatment, I also believe public health is more important than individual rights. Access to these public establishments is not a right, it’s a priviledge and one that you lose if you won’t take the necessary precautions to protect your community.

Today, The Boston Globe also reported nearly 97% of residents who have been vaccinated averted hospitalization and death from COVID-19. These findings illustrate the cost savings achieved by hospitalizations averted and (more importantly) the human suffering of individuals and their loved ones that was avoided. Apparently, vaccines not only save lives, they also save a lot of money. I’m unsure how that squares with fiscal conservatives who refuse to get vaccinated.

Bravo and thank you Mayor Wu


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