Outdoor ice skating rinks in Boston

Winter has Boston firmly in its grip. It appears that Mother Nature has taken a liking to Old Man Winter once again, and while this love affair can be a source of frustration for those of us who prefer warmer temperatures, it’s going to be many weeks before Mother Nature will break up with him.

Faced with that stark reality, one way to get through the winter is to embrace what the season has to offer. Below I’ve included a few ice rinks in the area along with some apres-skating suggestions to help you warm up. This can make for a fun date night or evening out with friends.

Boston Common Frog Pond located in the heart of the Boston Common and considered one of the best outdoor, public skating rinks in America, this is an obvious choice. Following a few rounds on the Frog Pond you can walk to any number of places for a beverage. Two suggestions include 1928 Beacon Hill (get the Bee Sting – it includes mescal, hot honey, and lemon), or walk to Emmets Irish Pub for an Irish hot coffee. Both drinks will warm you up.

Rink @401 Park in the Fenway / Kenmore neighborhood this outdoor rink is smaller but still a lot of fun and considering it is next to the Trillium Brewery Pub and TimeOut Boston market, there are more options for warming bevvies for you to try. You may also decide to indulge by visiting one of the more than a dozen food stalls.

DCR Kelly Rink is in Jamaica Plain near the Stony Brook T station. This public skating rink is a 5-10 minute walk to the Sam Adams Brewery.

Canal District Rink in Kendall Square (Cambridge) is comparable in size to the Rink @401 Park. If you’d rather something sweet, walk over to Tatte Bakery for a hot chocolate and a treat, but if you’re looking for an adult-beverage, walk to Sumaio Hunan Kitchen and order a sake or one of their Baijiu cocktails.

Kirrane Rink at the Larz Anderson Park in Brookline has the most beautiful setting of all. Situated in the 60+ acre park that was once the summer and holiday home for Boston socialite, Isabel Weld Perkins and Larz Anderson. Sadly, there is no bar or restaurant that one can easily walk to but considering the beautiful surroundings it still makes it a worthwhile option.

Should you decide to head out for some fun at the rink, don’t forget to bundle up. It is going to be a chilly few months until spring, but have fun.


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