Tennessee Tony returns to blogging

One of the surprising benefits of blogging has been making friends with people I likely would never have otherwise met. One such friend is Tony.

Tony recently returned to blogging after taking the past few years off, and I wanted to give his new blog a shout out, because I really enjoy his writing and think readers of this blog might appreciate his decidedly naughty sense of humor too.

A good example of how titillating Tony’s writing can be is on display in his recent post, I Will Remember, which he shares is “an elegy for a favorite paint brush”. If you read the poem, you’ll appreciate the clarification because the subject matter could easily be confused.

While Tony may wonder if he can still write well, it seems to me like he has not lost his voice, and I look forward to reading more of his posts. I’ve included his newest blog in my blogroll, but you can also check it out here, tennesseetony.com.

3 responses to “Tennessee Tony returns to blogging

  1. Tony’s back. I can’t tell you how many times in the last few years I’ve thought about Tony, the Attorney, and Granny, and searched for them.


  2. You have a great blog Tony, read it for first time today. It doesnt hurt that youre very ease on the eyes as well.


  3. Thanks, buddy. You’re one of my blog heros.



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