What to do this weekend

Below is a list of what is happening in Boston. Support these gay bars and businesses. If you have an event you want included, email bosguymail@gmail.com.

Boston Gay Bars

The Alley
THURSDAY: Trivia Night @8PM
FRIDAY: RPDR viewing party @8PM & Casual Fridays w/ DJ Begbick @10PM
SATURDAY: Grunt (wear your gear) Dance Party w/ DJ Aga @10PM
SUNDAY: Karaoke Night @8PM

THURSDAY: RPDR UK vs. The World viewing party @8PM
FRIDAY: RPDR viewing party w/ Harlow Havoc @8PM & Friday Feels w/ Twisted Gleam @10PM
SATURDAE: So Hot Saturdaes Onesie Anniversary Party w/ DJ Stevie Psyclone @10PM
SUNDAY: Disco Brunch @11AM (call ahead for reservations)

Cathedral Station
THURSDAY: Celtics play Nets @7:30PM & Bruins play Kraken @10PM
FRIDAY: No programming, but kitchen & bar open
SATURDAY: Celtics play Pistons @12PM & Bruins play Sharks @10PM
SUNDAY: Brunch starts @11AM & Celtics play Pacers @5PM

Club Cafe
THURSDAY: TRL w/ DJ Begbick & host Mizery @10PM
FRIDAY: RPDR viewing party @8PM & DJ Stevie Psyclone @10PM
SATURDAY: Clubland Classics w/ DJ Brian Derrick @10PM
SUNDAY: Sunday brunch @11AM & Tea Dance w/ DJ Brian Derrick @6PM

FRIDAY: Karaoke w/ VJ Ryan Grow @10PM
SATURDAY: Mardi Gras Masquerade Party w/ DJ Joe Bermudez @10PM
SUNDAY: Brunch @11AM (call ahead for reservations)

Jacques Cabaret – Call 617-426-8902 to reserve seats to shows
THURSDAY: Now That’s What I Call A Drag Show! hosted by Amanda Playwith & Crystal Crawford @8PM
FRIDAY: RPDR viewing party @8PM & Drag Me To The Main Stage hosted by Destiny
SATURDAY: Drag Me To The Main Stage Hosted by DeeDee de Ray 
SUNDAY: Sunday Fun Day – Open Mic night w/ Mitzzy @7PM

Legacy & Candibar (Gay Mafia Boston)
THURSDAY: Serve Thursdays w/ Pangina Heals Live & DJ Coleslaw @10PM
FRIDAY: Bussdown Friday w/ DJ Frenchy @10PM
SATURDAY: Miami Night in Boston w/ DJ Danny Verde @10PM
SUNDAY: Hot Mess Sundays at Candibar @10PM

Trophy Room
THURSDAY: Celtics play Nets @7:30PM & Bruins play Kraken @10PM
FRIDAY: No programming but kitchen and bar open
SATURDAY: Celtics play Pistons @12PM & Bruins play Sharks @10PM
SUNDAY: Brunch starts @12PM & Celtics play Pacers @5PM

LGBTQ+ nights & events

THURSDAY: Queeraoke at Midway Cafe @10PM

THURSDAY: Lesbian Speed Dating at Scholars @7PM

FRIDAY: NEW QUEER NIGHT Goblin Hole w/ DJs MX Blaire & L’Duke at The Crystal Ballroom @8PM

FRIDAY: Queer EMO Night w/ DJ Black Parade at Union Tavern @10PM

SATURDAY: Booze N’ Brush with exotic male model at Good Life @5-6:30PM

SATURDAY: Latino Night “Boom Saturday” at La Makina Night Club @10PM

SUNDAY: Leather Penitence leather / fetish attire is strongly encouraged doors open @9PM at Phoenix Landing


Some drag brunches require tickets purchased ahead of time. Click the event links shared below for ticketing and reservation information.

Dragtacular Brunch
Saturday @12PM
Laugh Boston

Illusions The Drag Brunch Boston
Saturday & Sunday shows @1:30PM
Hosted upstairs at Hennessey’s

Brunch of Queens
Sunday @11AM
Bell in Hand

Drag Me To Brunch
Sunday @2PM
Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

And finally… another resource for what is happening at Boston gay bars is KikiPedia.

4 responses to “What to do this weekend

  1. I think that what is called “normalization”, that is to say that everyone sees as something totally natural a sexual tendency or a gay couple is not having to create ghettos for gays.
    OK to openly gay places, OK to places where there are more gay people than others, but all this because they want to make it clear that in that place people with sexual tendencies other than heterosexuality are welcome, not because it is like a school only for children, in this case “only for gays” or in an exclusive center, for that there are the British private clubs where access is by invitation of one of its members and after studying that the applicant meets the qualities requested in the statutes of that club. Everything is acceptable except that the gay world itself puts up barriers or “gay-only” registration.
    We are people, that is the first thing and the second thing we must respect everyone and if someone is not comfortable in a place or place is very simple: do not come back, but by your own decision not because you are gay or straight or bisexual or blond or lame right leg …. We have already endured years and years of discrimination and it seems absurd to me that now we are the ones who think that a certain bar or a certain place or a certain person is not gay enough or too gay…


  2. The Sunday guy is something Id like to do this weekend


  3. Booze ‘n Brush does not look gay…


    • It’s not organized by a gay group (as near as I can tell) but what could be more gay then sharing drinks, while painting a male nude? It is only not gay if gay people don’t go to it. A couple of friends or group could make quite an evening of such an event. With so few bars in Boston and the lack of a neighborhood where LGBTQ+ can easily congregate we have to make our own spaces and this seems ripe for a takeover. If you’re suggesting that gays are not welcome (please let me know) but when I called Good Life they said all are welcome.

      The fact that this may be mostly attended by straight women shouldn’t count against it being a gay-oriented activity. If that’s the criteria then I should stop promoting Jacques, drag brunches and Club Cafe on the weekends.



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