Limerick in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

Everyone is Irish, if only on St. Patrick’s Day, which is tomorrow, Thursday, March 17th. I’ve republished a slightly naughty limerick I wrote a few years ago in honor of the holiday.

Lim’ricks are the naughtiest prose
Dirty rhymes we love to compose 
Men from Nantucket
Shouting, “Go $uck it!”
Are fun to write I suppose

If you have a limerick you’d like to share, I’d enjoy reading it.  Feel free to e-mail me or leave it in the comments section for others to enjoy.

Éire go Brách

9 responses to “Limerick in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Deep from the crypt of St. Giles
    Came a scream that resounded for miles.
    The vicar said “gracious!
    Has Brother Ignatius
    Forgotten the bishop has piles?”


  2. There was a young man from Boston
    Who had an American Austin
    He had room for ass
    And a gallon of gas
    But his balls hung out
    And he lost ’em


  3. MY GOD! How can it be so perfect?
    I love this man without reservation, he is so handsome and his body is worthy of an altar on Olympus!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  4. This Ginger Lad is a dream
    Took no time to cream
    His trail is a treasure
    That I plan to pleasure
    All the way down to his seam

    Does anyone know this hot stud is?


  5. There once was a woman from Wheeling
    Who claimed she’d no sexual feeling
    Then a fellow named Boris
    Helped her find her clitoris
    Now they can’t get her off of the ceiling


  6. There was a young couple named Kelly
    Who had to walk belly to belly
    In their amorous haste
    They used library paste
    Instead of petroleum jelly

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  7. There was a young lady named Sally
    Who enjoyed an occasional dally
    When she sat in the lap
    Of a well endowed chap
    She exclaimed “This one’s right up my alley!”

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