Former bar, Boston Eagle, will become The KARTAL

Last March I shared that The Boston Eagle had closed. Since then a lot has happened and about 8 weeks ago the owners, who are listed as Two Greeks and a Persian, LLC, petitioned the Boston Licensing Board to make changes to the exterior of 520 Tremont Street for a bar called, Kartal.

Kartal is eyeing a late April / early May opening, but considering the amount of work to be done that seems aggressive. Shahrokh Reza was listed as the manager in the petition and is affiliated with local nightclub group, Pasha Entertainment. Much progress has been made since my post last fall (see here), but much more needs to be done.

A lot of clean up has happened since last fall. From this photo taken earlier this week you can see the bathrooms are (thankfully) being expanded and improved and a small kitchen will be added to serve light appetizers for the cocktail bar. It appears the original tile flooring and bar will remain.

In the coming month you’ll see changes to the exterior, including new lighting fixtures, the removal of the ugly metal grates over the windows, a fresh paint job, and a new tiled entry with the dates 1981 and 2021, noting the 40 years the Boston Eagle operated at 520 Tremont Street.

As more information becomes available, I’ll be sure to share with you what I learn. If you have more information, please reach out to me.

CORRECTION: Shahrokh Reza is not affiliated with Ilona as initially shared in this post, but is directly involved with Pasha Entertainment.

7 responses to “Former bar, Boston Eagle, will become The KARTAL

  1. the gay bar scene in boston is completely dead. very very sad


    • While the gay bar scene in Boston is probably best described as anemic, I take heart in the news that more bars are including gay programming like Kartal which is hosting a gay tea dance this Sunday and the fact that two bars will have opened in 2023; ManRay which reopened after 20 years in Cambridge this past January and Dani’s Queer Bar which is expected to open in early June this year.


  2. We don’t need another expensive restaurant along Tremont St. Tons of them already. Wish it stayed The Boston Eagle.


    • Peter, hold your condemnation until they open and we can see what the price point is. This space is designated as a bar with a full liquor license (not a restaurant with a bar) something there are very few of in the South End. According to what I’ve been told, their “menu” will only consist of a few app options.


      • It’s a bar. Not a restaurant. A place to go before or after dinner or just a neighborhood meeting place. We will offer a few snacks to soak up the drinks.


    • Hey Peter,
      Times are changing boomer. Keep up.



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