Book review: Moriarity

Moriarity is the first book I’ve read by the English author, Anthony Horowitz, but it won’t be my last. Detective literature fans will recognize the name Moriarity as the fictional criminal mastermind created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. For Sherlock Holmes fans, the references and characters who appear in this 2014 publication will absolutely entertain and delight.

The story opens in Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland, which happens to be where Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty fight to the death. Later, Doyle would revive Holmes and continue the popular series but this novel opens with an American private investigator named Frederick Chase trying to get past the unhelpful Swiss police to see the body that has been recovered from the waterfalls and is believed to be Moriarty. He is thwarted until the arrival of Inspector Athelney Jones from Scotland Yard arrives.

What follows is a rollercoaster ride that takes us back to London and exposes a ruthless and sophisticated criminal network. We learn that before arriving in Switzerland, Moriarty had been in contact with a ruthless criminal network in the US led by an equally shadowy figure named Clarence Devereux for the purpose of forming a cross-Atlantic criminal alliance that could strengthen and embolden both.

Inspector Jones greatly admires Holmes skills of deduction and observation. He tries to model himself in his image, and the American P.I., Chase, who narrates the story is intentionally reminiscent of Holmes faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson. I found the 400 page paperback difficult to put down once the two make their way back to London, and murder mystery enthusiasts will feel the same. The writing style of Horowitz is so easy and fluid that I found myself staying up far too late to finish chapters and find out what would happen next. This book is definitely worth the read if you’re looking for something entertaining.

If you’re interested in purchasing this book and open to supporting local bookstores, try one of the links I’ve shared. The links below will take you right to the book so you can order it online in just a couple of clicks. Alternatively, you can check your local library for a copy of this book. Here is a link to the BPL copy for Moriarty.

Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner
Harvard Bookstore in Harvard Square
Porter Square Bookstore in Porter Square
Trident Bookseller’s & Cafe in Back Bay


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