Temptation Tuesday

I’ve first featured Vladislav Gerasimov on my blog last autumn in this Mancandy Monday post, but he looks so tempting here that I thought it was worth featuring this Bulgarian hunk in another post.

Past Temptation Tuesday Posts

4 responses to “Temptation Tuesday

  1. vladislav is the most handsome, sexy and hot guy out there. His eyes talk to you. His face is perfect. His lips look so soft. His body is perfect. What I love the most is he is stunning and he has all his clothes on. Just unbuttoning 2 buttons is perfect. Yes he looks hot in some of his gym wear but the hottest photos are fully clothed. I can spot him out of 100 other guys in a flash. One look and he is so sweet you want to hug him, one you want to kiss him and one you want it all


  2. One foot in the water … the “only” way he’ll keep from spontaneously combusting. Oh my!!!


  3. Beautiful “sandwich” 😉😍


  4. Oh my, very tempting!!!



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