Sean Murphy’s ass goes viral

At the end of the NPR Politics Friday podcast there is a segment called can’t let it go. In the segment, the podcasters share something “politics or otherwise” that they cannot let go, and while I should hold off until Friday to share this – I can’t.

The 2022 Baseball season has only just started but I’m already delusional about my Red Sox prospects. However, today’s conversation has to do with the Oakland A’s catcher, Sean Murphy. Specifically, Murphy’s ass, which went viral earlier this week after @PadresGeekster captured it getting pelted by a pitch. In less than 24 hours, the video on Twitter had been seen nearly 10 million times so I’m not the only one who apparently can’t let it go either. Below you can check out the 10 second clip.


help. my mentions are all about ass

Originally tweeted by 🍪 (@PadresGeekster) on April 11, 2022.

2 responses to “Sean Murphy’s ass goes viral

  1. Never hide an ass!!!!


  2. I guess I should start watching baseball I’m missing out on some hot cake!



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