2022 Summer reading suggestions

Memorial Day Weekend represents the start of the 2022 summer season. In honor of the start of my favorite season, I’ve included a few books for you to consider adding to your summer reading list.

Two Nails, One Love by Alden Hayashi

Two Nails, One Love by Alden Hayashi is a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read about a gay Japanese-American man, Ethan, and the conflicted relationship he has with his mother While the mother-son relationship is complicated the novel is most definitely not, and I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of Hayashi’s debut novel to read this summer.

School Days by Jonathan Galassi

School Days by Jonathan Galassi is a new gay fiction novel told from the perspective of Sam Brandt, a former student of Leverett, an elite boarding school in New England, and current English teacher at the prep school. Galassi paints a picture of love and longing (both platonic and erotic) as Sam reminisces about his high school years, his group of friends, and Theo Gibson, a teacher who went on to have a profound impact on him.

The Sun and Her Stars by Donna Rifkind

The Sun and Her Stars by Donna Rifkind is a biography about the extraordinary but little known life of the Jewish, Austrian actress turned Hollywood screenwriter, Salka Viertel, who moved from Europe to southern California in the late 1920s. If you are fascinated by the Golden Age of Hollywood, you’ll find Rifkind’s detailed account of Viertel’s life and those around her fascinating.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these books, consider buying them from an independent bookstore. Alternatively, save yourself a few bucks and check your local library for a copy.

Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner
Harvard Bookstore in Harvard Square
Porter Square Bookstore in Porter Square
Trident Bookseller’s & Cafe in Back Bay


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