Independence Week(end) in Ptown

Sergio and I visited Provincetown for the start of Independence Week celebrations and it was nice to see that things have largely returned to normal. The town is packed – the circuit boys are back, the families from all over the Cape are visiting, and the town is proudly decorated in red, white and blue.

Crown & Anchor Inn owners, Jonathan Hawkins and Paolo Martini

We were able to meet up with the proud new owners of The Crown & Anchor, Jonathan Hawkins and Paolo Martini. Since purchasing the property they have made several notable changes to the hotel, restaurant and bars.

Jonathan was nice enough to take us through the property giving us glimpses of the hotel rooms that have been updated and a moving exhibit called Ides of Gender by Zach Oren who photographed more than 500 trans folks which you can learn more about here.

Sunday’s Overboard Pool Party at Crown & Anchor with DJ James Cerne

This was the first year that the crowds seem to have returned in earnest and everyone is having a good time. Last year’s event was marred by terrible weather followed by an outbreak of COVID that garnered Provincetown bad press, but that is all in the past and I want to wish everyone there this week a wonderful time.

If you have plans in the coming weeks or months to visit Provincetown and you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Finally, if you will be visiting Ptown, be sure to see a show. You can find out who is performing and where on my list of 2022 Provincetown Summer Performances.

3 responses to “Independence Week(end) in Ptown

  1. Damn, you are looking really good! Sexy beast. Enjoy!


  2. GREAT pics! You are looking more distinguished as you get older. Sergio looks marvelous. And Provincetown…a very special place I’d like to see one day. 🏳️‍🌈


  3. Great shirtless pictures! You and Sergio look fantastic, James looks great too. Thanks for the posting.



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