Boston marijuana and Greek food festivals

Doesn’t it seem devious to host a pot and Greek food festival the same weekend?

Each weekend in the fall in Boston is full of festivals, concerts and other public celebrations, and this weekend will be no different.

This weekend Boston will host one of the largest and longest running marijuana festivals in the country, MassCann. With as many as 50,000 people descending upon the Boston Common to celebrate all things marijuana, it seems like a cruel trick to play on all those unsuspecting stoners to have such an amazingly delicious and tantalizing Greek food festival just a mile away at John The Baptist Church in the South End.

While there are plenty of other activities, festivals and events happening this weekend, the combination of these two proved to be quite costly for Sergio and me a few years ago. After attending the Freedom Festival and feeling quite “free” we walked over to the Greek Church basement where rows of homemade Greek food both savory and sweet tempted us. I just hope this year we will show a bit more restraint when we visit John The Baptist Church.

BTW, other cool stuff happening this weekend you can check out include:

Fluff Festival Saturday 17 3PM-7PM (Union Square, Somerville)

Smithsonian Museum Day Saturday 17 (Multiple participating museums)

South End Open Studios Saturday & Sunday from 11AM – 6PM (South End)

and a late addition…

Caribbean Rum & Food Festival Saturday 17 12-8PM (Roxbury Community College)


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