SoWa Health + Wellness looks to open spring 2023

The Boston Sports Club South End closed last spring after the property owner, GTI Properties, opted to takeover the space rather than renew their lease. Since the BSC closed, GTI has been remodeling the space to reopen a boutique Health + Wellness facility. The new facility will have four group studios, new gym equipment, remodeled “executve” locker rooms, juice bar, and saunas.

The move by GTI Properties to overtake this space is a bold one, because they have a mixed track record of managing businesses outside of real estate management. They’ve done a great job opening the SoWa Power Station as an event space, but they’ve struggled with the two restaurant spaces they’ve overtaken.

Setting those concerns aside, the gym is hoping to open in the spring. To stay up to date on information about membership fees and opening dates, check their web page,


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