The Embrace on Boston Common

MLK, boston

A few days before the country will pause to remember and celebrate the legacy of Nobel Laureate, Martin Luther King Jr., Boston will unveil a new 20′ memorial sculpture of both Martin Luther King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, who first met here in Boston in the 1950s when they were both studying. For those unfamiliar with their love story and courting, check out the video, Legacy of Love on YouTube.

This beautiful new sculpture on the Boston Common (near the start of the Freedom Trail and visitor center), is meant to capture the power of love and the love that these two shared for each other. It is a beautiful sentiment and tribute to both of these civil rights leaders. I particularly like that this is a tribute to the couple, recognizing them as equals who practiced their beliefs of non-violence to help change America (and the world for the better).

The sculpture is currently open to the public, but a ceremony to commemorate this new sculpture will take place on Friday morning. The massive piece was designed by sculptor, Hank William Thomas and was inspired by the photo of the couple embracing in 1964, during a news conference, following the announcement that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Photo Credit: Bettmann via Getty Images

For more information about the sculpture, The Embrace, and the work the organization, Embrace Boston is doing to help continue the teachings and work of these two civil rights legends, visit,

One response to “The Embrace on Boston Common

  1. A great and inspired tribute indeed. The World definitely needs a hug these days. Happy MLK Day!!!



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